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Makeup Powder Blender Puff Fyola®

Shorten your makeup time and apply makeup powder easily with beauty and confidence

Creating a dazzling look upon your face should be quick and easy. You shouldn't have to worry whether if the cosmetic powders are evenly applied. Don't you wish that you have a product that is compatible with a wide variety of makeup powders so that you won't have to spend so much money on so many different tools and application methods?

Well, we have brought in the all-new Beauty Makeup Powder Blender! The unique feature of high-speed vibration allows BB gel, powder fluid, dry or wet powder and fragment powder to be distributed evenly upon your face!

What's even better is that the softness of the toxin-free sponge puff is so gentle to the skin that it even delicately massages your face to ensure that no pores are ignored for an ultra-smooth makeup that will make your friends jealous!

Amazing benefits 

Worry-free cosmetic powder application, save time and energy!

Let the motor do the work. 12,000 times vibration with a touch of the button means you can get an effortless makeup done in half the time! Other similar brands are just a brush or a puff that require more energy than needed.

Perfect for travel. Don't worry about damaging the puff or getting the puff dirty; the included travel case ensures that the all-important makeup powder tool is safely protected at all times from potential damage and unwanted dirt and dust.

Why only focus on putting on makeup when you can also softly massage your skin during the session? This product is so versatile that it even cares for your skin through high-speed vibrations, lovingly increases blood circulation of your skin while delicately applies the makeup for a smooth-looking face that everyone longs for.

Can be disassembled. Some brands designed the products to be hard to clean, increasing the chance for bacterial growth and unwanted filth to accumulate. Our product can be disassembled easily allowing you to make sure all parts are cleaned properly for future use.

Features of the beauty makeup powder blender

Automated makeup application: Say goodbye to manual work of putting on makeup. It's fast, it's easy, it's convenient.

Apply cosmetic powder evenly: No more double-checking to see if you put on the makeup properly or if it needs additional touch-ups. Let this product do all the work for you with incredible precision.

Compatible with a wide variety of powder makeups!

Easy to disassemble and clean: Decrease the chance of mold build-up and ensure every makeup session is clean, comfortable, and worry-free!

Toxin-free puff material: No need to worry about artificial chemicals harming your skin.

    How it works

    how to use electronic make up blender


      • Make sure the sponge puff is properly cleaned after every use to prevent bacterial growth
      • Use the included storage case to store the product when not in use to prevent dust and other contaminants
      • When the sponge puff wears out or does not provide the desired effect after extended usages, a replacement is required


      Weight: 0.22 lbs

      Package Includes

      • x1 make up blender device
      • x5 sponge puff

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