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Japanese Shiatsu Back Massage Pillow - ChiSoft®


ChiSoft® Japanese Back Massage Pillow The Ultimate Reliever for sore, rigid, stubborn back pain. 

Looking for the perfect massager machine to erase aching muscles and reduce stiffness? This massage cushion comes with 4 rice ball system giving you a soothing massage experience. This high-quality massage cushion stimulates the circular pressure of a professional massage therapist fingers.

For a more intensive experience, you can add heat to help soothe away every last bit of tension in your body. Great for reduceing stiffness in your back, shoulders, neck or legs.

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Confident Benefits of the pillow Massager That Enhances Flexibility and Blood Circulation

  Transform your body and mind. Not only does it help relieve muscle pain, this massager also stimulates the release of endorphins, a natural opiate, which enhances your well being and reduces stress levels.

Reducing back pain for good. The unique pyramid shape of the massage cushion allows it to fit perfectly in the small of you back. Helping soothes away back and neck pain, without the use of painkillers or surgery.

Can be used to reduce troublesome neck and shoulder pain. Simply lie on the floor, place the massage cushion between your shoulder blades to reduce shoulder pain, or behind your neck to soothes neck ache.

Helps muscle recovery time. Helps reduce muscle pain after a long run or strenuous gym session. Sit or lie on the floor placing the cushion under your calves for the perfect soothing leg massage.

 Best features for the Japanese Back Massage Pillow

Portable - The compact size of the Massage Cushion allows it to be used anywhere, you can take it to the gym, use it at home, or while sitting at your desk Available with an optional car charger, you can even use it to soothe away the aches and pains of longer car journeys
Stimulated Massage - Just like a real massage, the four rice balls simulate the circular pressure of a professional masseuse’s fingers
Unique Design - Pyramid design allows the cushion to be placed close to the body. Can be used in a number of positions to help soothe neck, arm, shoulder, and back pain
Easy to control- Can be switched ON/OFF at the touch of a single button
15-minute timer- Safe and secure, the timer automatically stops the massage after 15 minutes. Just in case you fall asleep
The natural wood buttons add a touch of quality
Color variations you can choose from two colors brown and pink
Designer packaging comes in high-quality packaging, makes the perfect gift

10 Reasons To Choose This Back Massager Machine Compared to Generic Models

Soothing heat helps ease aching muscles
Pyramid shaped cushion can be positioned to target back, shoulder, neck and leg pain
Unique rice ball massage system
Compact design for portability
15-minute timer for safety
Soft feel fabric for added comfort
Cover and be removed for washing
Anti-tension rubber cord to help hold the cushion in place
Power cord can be stored inside the cushion when not in use
Easy to use with a single button for the massage function and one-button heater

How to use the ChiSoft® Japanese Back Massager Pillow

Keep In Mind When Using Any Massage Pillow

Basic safety cautions should always be followed when using electrical appliances, especially when children are present. Follow the instructions below.

  • Most importantly keep product away from water, electrical parts are live even when it is off
  • Turn off after use
  • Turn off immediately when unit comes in contact with liquid substances
  • When plugged in never leave unattended
  • Keep out of reach from children

Notice: This should not be a replacement for a medical device. No medical claims are warranted by the use of this product. It is strongly advised to consult your physician before use if you are currently undertaking medical treatment.


Weight: 2.0kg
Size: 14.17 x 14.17 x 5.71 inch
Rating: DC12V 9W (heater 2W)
Rated voltage adapter: Input: AC100V (50/60Hz) / Output: DC12V 2A
Rotation speed: 30 times/min

Package Include

x1 Massager
x1 AC adapter

Try This Massager Machine Today And Get the Best Back Massage Experience Anytime and Anywhere

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