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Memory Foam Best Baby Toddler Pillow-ChiSoft®

Please Don't Bear All The Weight The ChiSoft® Baby Pillow Memory Foam Is Here To Help

Babies are lovely, angelic and more so they are fragile beings who need maximum attention and care. Every parent would want the best for his/her child and will try to the best of her ability to make the bundle of joy as comfortable as possible.

Often, babies experience restlessness in their sleep and have no verbal way to communicate other than crying.Try the baby pillow and experience a change in your infant's sleeping pattern.

A baby pillow is not similar to the typical adult pillow. Hence it is not advisable to use them for babies.This is because, the regular pillow is made in the proportion of an adult head and neck, and using it on an infant may cause discomfort and strain that will lead to sleeplessness, not to mention the development of poor posture.

Major Benefits Of ChiSoft® Memory Foam Baby Toddler Pillow

Do not leave the baby with a pillow unattended.If the face is placed on the pillow, it might lead to suffocation especially if the baby's neck is not strong enough.

Keep the baby cuddled and warm.

Help the baby during acid reflux.

Encourage the baby to play.

 Baby pillows are good, but they have their do's and don'ts. You need to be watchful even as you use pillows.

 Ensure maximum cleanliness. Babies are sensitive to dirt and dust.Clean the pillow or the pillowcase regularly so that you do not cause the baby skin rash or sneezing due to dust.

Simple In Design But Packed With Features

 Designed to minimize discomfort and physical efforts for mothers.

Provides a sturdy and soft protection.

Gives tender heads a comfortable cushion.

Provide a comfortable sleep for the baby.

Aligns baby's head, spine and prevent flat syndrome.

The convertible pillows can be used for multiple purposes. Fit for traveling.

Provides a safe ground during playtime.

Provide a comfortable position for feeding helps the baby to see the world around it by inclining his head.

Why Is This Different From Generic Models?

This baby memory pillow can be hand or machine washable. It is also anti-allergenic and ultra-hygienic. When it comes to babies lots of things can be tough to clean but this won't be. It stays dry and cool. Also useful when laying down, on a nursing pad, changing chair or during playtime. When your baby needs some added rest and relaxation.

    Who Can Use This?

    This product can be used for toddlers over at least the age of one. Please ensure that adult supervision is with the child at all times while using this product.

    Keep In Mind

    • Do not use this product for babies that are younger than age one.
    • Do not leave this product in the baby cribs.
    • Do not leave the child unattended while using this product.


    Dimension: 9 x 10 x 1 inches
    Weight: 0.068 lbs

    Package Include

      - baby pillow memory foam

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