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Antimicrobial Blue UVA Light Ball

 The EnviroHygiene Orb uses Blue/UV-A Light that is Medically Proven to Destroy Deadly Germs!

Think about the merchandises you use every day but rarely clean. Your humidifier, sneakers, pet bowl, hiking backpack water reservoir, coffee machine, washable water bottles, meat and veggie drawers….

The Orb is excellent for disinfecting the commodities you use often but clean seldom, and is a secure alternative to disinfectant sprays, which are recognised to be slightly toxic to humans. 

Have you ever sprayed disinfectant inside your water bottle? We absolutely wouldn’t. Severe chemicals don’t belong on the products which hold our food and water.

Each Orb Transmits Blue 405nm Light and Low-intensity UV-A Light

Medical studies show that this spectrum is capable at killing and inhibiting the growth of germs that can cause diseases—like fungus/mold, bacteria, algae, and their spores. The Orb is the size of a ping pong ball, and fits inside many products. Its spherical design sends light in all directions. It’s waterproof. These attributes make the Orb very useful at keeping you and your family healthier.

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