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Air Leg Massager New Compression Wrap ChiSoft®

The Air Leg Compression ChiSoft® Pressure Wrap is the New Modern Practice to Soothe Annoying Leg Cramps

There are many different reasons why a person experiences leg cramps; from poor blood circulation to diabetes, it will be hard to pinpoint the exact cause. Regardless the reasons, having your legs cramping up can be excruciating and frustrating. It impacts your quality of life and in some circumstances, can be extremely dangerous, such as driving while having this issue.

Don't you hate it when you are sitting comfortably and suddenly your legs and feet start cramping up? That TV show you were enjoying, that incredible meal you were eating, that exciting conversation that you were having, all of them had been taken away from you because your legs are seizing up with an untold pain that shot straight up into your body.

We understand the discomfort and annoyance, that is why we have brought in the all-new Air Leg Massager, where it not only promotes better blood circulation but it also acts as a preventive measure for future leg cramps if you use it often to massage the muscles around your legs.

Many customers have been told by their nurses to order the Air Compression Leg Massager. Let's take a look at this nifty gadget and see how and why you should get it!

Top Rated Benefits that Proves This Leg Massager Works As Seen on Tv for Assistance in Poor Lower Body Circulation

While majority of people don't have leg cramp issues or any other health concerns, there are many people that do have these symptoms. When your body is unable to produce any insulin to break down the sugar in your body, a possible genetic problem. It can be resulted from long-term excessive sugar intake, which makes it so that pancreas produces insulin but your body can't use it properly, resulting in a build-up of sugar in your bloodstream.

This can be quite dangerous, as it can affect all parts of your body, potentially causing kidney damage, nerve damage, amputations, brain damage and blindness.

Some people have gotten enough nerve damage or inflammation of their blood vessels and muscles that leg cramps become a common occurrence. It is also quite difficult to alleviate the cramps. This is where the Air Leg Massager comes into play.

 Invigorates, revitalises, tones shapes of the legs, helps with slimming down unwanted fat and compresses them.
 Soothes muscle fatigue within calves, ankles, feet, thighs that is caused from joint pain.
 Calms leg soreness, muscle tension and aches.
 Promotes blood circulation and metabolism with the compression airbags.



Enhanced Easy-to-Use Features That Work Wonders for Diabetes, Restless Leg Syndrome for Lower Body Compression

There are various reasons for using air compression leg massagers, including but not limited to knee problems, legs/feet swelling, tension, varicose veins/venous insufficiencies, water retention, cramps, and nerve compression. The uniquely designed features makes this whole experience better for helping aid in these issues.

With a 2-chamber sequential compression set massager.
Unique control modes, its interface is user-friendly.
With adjustable cuffs (velcro adjusts to fit up to 16” calves & velcro adjusts.)
The product provides proper fit & added comfort.
Comes with complete functions.

Tips and Instructional Use

Always have the control panel in your hand while this is on for adjusting to your comfort level. To turn off press the power button again and the LED light indicator should not appear. Wait for leg wraps to deflate then remove.

  1. Prop yourself up on a chair or on a couch, any comfortable desired surface of your choice.
  2. Slip wraps into place by securing it with the provided velcro.
  3. Slip upper thigh leg wraps into place by securing it with provided velcro straps.
  4. To turn on press the power wait for the LED light indicator to appear.
  5. Press your desired modes and intensity levels, adjust at anytime.


air leg massager inflating deflating duration

Keep in Mind when Using the Air Leg Massager

Basic safety cautions should always be followed when using electrical appliances, especially when children are present. Follow the instructions below.

  • Most importantly keep product away from water, electrical parts are live even when it is off
  • Turn off after use
  • Turn off immediately when unit comes in contact with liquid substances
  • When plugged in never leave unattended
  • Keep out of reach from children

Notice: This should not be a replacement for a medical device. No medical claims are warranted by the use of this product. It is strongly advised to consult your physician before use if you are currently undertaking medical treatment.


Function: massage
Operation time: 20 minutes
Voltage: 220V and 110V or Battery Operated (4 AA)
Actual power: 15W
Material: Cotton, Abs

Package Includes

- 2 interchangeable wraps
- Control Panel
- Set of Connecting Pipes
- 9V AC / DC Adaptor

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