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New Product Submission For Supplier

Dear Partners,

Are you an overseas or US manufacturer? Do you want to submit an interesting beauty or health product for consideration in our store? We are always looking for new innovative devices that can help promote the health of our customers. We have a large network of distributors in North America, over 500 resellers.

Vita Activate is well known for welcoming innovative, new, out of the box products. If you are an inventor or a manufacturer and you're looking to share and expand your newly integrated product and share your vision with the world you've come to the right place. 

Are You Supplier, Kick Starter, or Inventory with an interesting product?

We have a solid responsibility in promoting our values in wellness and overall health. Vita Activate works with many various groups, extending our branches and uniting with other chains of companies.  All year round, we invite interested suppliers, product inventors, and affiliates of familiar departments to join our movement. We are dedicated to managing business in an efficient manner. With collaboration and teamwork we actively work as a core group to establish the foundation of our relations. Vita Activate requires that everyone will abide by all policies, regulations and laws in the distribution and production of merchandise and services.  All are prompted to match  Vita Activates standards and rules. 

We Can Promote Your Product Through our Network of Over 500 Resellers

If you are a US manufacturer or an overseas corporation (Europe, Asia) we strongly reassure you that destination is not a factor. We have a large network of distributors in North America alone with over 500 resellers reaching out internationally to all. We work with Europe, China, Japan and Korea directly to combine new products into this new day and age. 

We have in the past also worked with Kickstarter to give people the opportunity to advertise the latest products they have created. So, mainly as a company we are trying to reach a cohesive goal and we desire to expand the horizons by networking, coming together as a collective whole which in turn will lead to more success in the long run.

Submit Your Product For Review at Vita Activate and Start Making Money

Please fill out the information provided if you want us to promote and resell your product. 

Again, if you are a supplier with a product that can bring variety to our health inventory, we would love to work with you. Please fill in your contact information.

Supplier Contact / Product Submission Form

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If you are interested in submitting new brands or products for review, please forward materials via email.

Please include your contact information, any press (if available), retail and wholesale price lists, current and future distribution strategies, and product samples submitted in their approved retail product packaging. Once your items have been received by the Merchandising Submissions Department, you will be sent a confirmation email. We welcome your interest in working with us as we build innovative, health product to promote natural health of the human being.