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Pokemon Go Trainers Have a New Challenge to Conquer – Their Back Pain

August 6th, 2016 – By now the entire world has found out about the world of Pokémons and how addictive this game can be. Although everybody praises its power to motivate people to exercise, Pokémon Go threatens the neck and back of all its trainers.


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Health Issues that May Appear When Playing Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is an exciting new game, launched by Nintendo on July 7th, 2016. It didn’t take long for the game to become the most popular app downloaded on Android and iPhone devices, this summer having more downloads in its first week than Tinder in five years.

Moreover, Pokémon Go is considered the biggest mobile game launch in the United States history, positioning itself above the success registered by Candy Crush Saga in 2013. More than 26 million users log in daily in the U.S. to play Pokémon Go, while the peak audience for its predecessor Candy Crush Saga gathered “only” 20 million users.

Pokémon Go is a phenomenon and, currently, has no real competition. Considering its success, it’s only natural for comments and reviews to appear regarding the risks that the game poses to its users’ health.

While many voices sustain that the game is actually beneficial for its players’ physical condition because it motivates them to exercise – by walking and running to catch the little monsters, no one can deny that playing Pokémon Go every day may trigger back and neck pain because of the unnatural position the body needs to have for the players to be able to follow the game.

Players have to tilt their head forward and down, so they can look at the device on which they’re playing Pokémon Go, which means that their neck will have to sustain double or triple the actual weight of their head. Obviously, this will cause neck and back pain, inflammation and even spinal stress.

Pokémon Go Trainers Have ChiSoft Trigger Point Massager to Fight Back and Neck Pain

With the launch of the ChiSoft Trigger Point Massager, Pokémon Go trainers have found the best ally in fighting back and neck pain. This innovative massager knows how to press on the right spots to release pain and tension from stress locations.


Its ergonomic design makes sure the massager gets to each spot that accumulates tension and pain, and acts as a beneficial stress reduction device. It can be used for any area of the body enjoying a simple design and detachable feature.


The massager comes with 10 knobs, enough to relieve spams and tight muscles, caused by the body’s unnatural position adopted when using the device to play Pokémon Go or any other game, and to act on each pressure point.


The ChiSoft Trigger Massager is fabricated from a special plastic material PA6 that guarantees resistance to abrasion and chemicals. It is also very easy to carry around being lightweight and detachable into 2 smaller units.

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