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New Back Stretching Device Featured at Doctor Oz Show to Fight Lower Back Pain Launched

Back pain is a condition that affects millions of people around the world, and most of them feel hopeless about it. Despite pain medication, exercises and a healthy lifestyle, lower back pain becomes a constant in the lives of many. It is actually considered to be the leading cause of disability. Vita Activate wants to change the way people treat back pain and launches a new lumbar traction device that fights back pain.

Revolutionary Back Stretching Device from Vita Activate Shown At Dr Oz

The back stretcher recently launched by Vita Activate promises to end lower back pain for good. It might sound bold and ambitious, but this is exactly the definition of this device that has as background years of research. This device has been shown two times at Dr Oz Show first time at Nov 2015 and second time at June 2016. During the episode where Mackenzie Phillips talks about overcoming addiction, Doctor Oz explained how Vita Activate Back stretcher works and why it was selected as the best device.

To understand how the device works, it’s best to have a clear image about the causes of back pain.  Basically, what leads to that unbearable back pain is something unnatural happening in spinal muscles, joints, discs and/or nerves. There can be several causes that lead to back pain, such as herniated and slipped discs, degenerative disc disease, inflammation of the sacroiliac joint, spinal stenosis, or accidents and various injuries, like fractures.

So, back pain is a common condition that can happen to anyone, regardless of their age and health condition.

The Vita Activate back stretching device was designed especially for individuals who suffer from lower back pain caused by pinched nerves. While physical therapy has proved to be effective in treating this condition, this device makes things simpler by allowing customers to use the device whenever they think it’s necessary, whether is at their home or office, or when traveling or when chilling in the garden.

The great advantage about this device is that it is portable and easy to use, and also comes for a price so low that the physical therapy centers find it threatening.

How does the Back Stretcher from Vita Activate works

The device is very easy to use and the results are almost immediate. It was designed to stretch the back using a passive method. Basically, the user needs to adjust it to the desired arched level, and the device will do the rest from there.

The back stretching device will stretch the lower spine while relieving the pressure that falls on discs, bones and nerves. Following its action, the blood and water regain a natural and healthy flow, which contributes to an overall healing of the area.

While Mark, the market manage at Vita Activate believes that physical therapy is something that everyone has to have access to, he knows that this is not possible due to the increased costs. And that’s why he proposes as alternative the back stretching devices launched by Vita Activate.