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Affiliate Program

If you fit in this group of frustrated, disappointed affiliates, you’ve wasted a lot of time and missed out on thousands of dollars. Is this how a professional affiliate, an internet marketer gets rewarded? Of course not.

What Super Affiliates Don’t Tell You

Some super affiliates are making millions. Yes, they make tons of money while they are sleeping. Most affiliates, 95% of them, are not making money at all. What makes these super-affiliates different to you? What’s their secret?

In order to make money like a super affiliate marketer, you need to create a niche. You can follow the crowd, but to earn a lot of money online, you need to have your own niche.

Join The Biggest Market Of Baby Boomers

With the growing number of baby boomers retiring, the demand for health and wellness products is only increasing. The health industry is the only market that has never slowed down, not even during recession. So why not join this billion dollar market?

Our health products solve the customers' problems in a cost-effective way. It gives them peace of mind all while avoiding the recurring cost of visiting a physical therapist. We are proud that all our products are drug-free and have no side effects.

 Top 7 Reasons You Should Try Vita Activate's Affiliate Program:

  1. High-demand, niche health products that are not available in stores
  2. Avoid pennies for click ads and instead receive an impressive 20% commision per sale
  3. You are dealing with specialists in health products with testimonials from physical therapists
  4. Free eye-catching buttons to promote your website
  5. Free professional banners with high click-through-rates
  6. Free promotional articles written by professional sales copy writers
  7. Billion-dollar market that keeps growing, even during recession

 What Makes Vita Activate's Affiliate Program Different Than Others?

  • Great Website: Our website navigation is user-friendly and our products have outstanding conversion rates.
  • Analytics: We continuously test and optimize our product pages with Google Analytic Tools to increase our conversion rate. 
  • Niche: Unlike other affiliate programs, our specialized beauty, health, and wellness products are very innovative and not available in stores. This means our products have high demand, which will in turn, make your affiliate business more successful!