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Text Neck Posture Corrector Tracker Wearable Adjustable Relief

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Prevent Neck Pain From Texting on Smart Phones or Using Computer for Hours with the Next Generation of Neck Monitoring Device

Are you suffering from neck pain and even experiencing upper back muscle strain due to looking down at your smart-phone, tablet or laptop too long? It’s time to reduce the excessive stress in your neck with our new text neck posture corrector device.

There are so many different products out there targeting neck, shoulder, back, and literally every part of the body to relieve pain, stress, tension, and discomforts. But there are very little options out there that can provide instant stats and updates tailored to prevent and fix posture problems.

Some monitoring devices are either too expensive or they are too hard to use. Convenience, portability, and affordability are part of this revolutionary product design that conforms to the 21st Century standard of technological evolution.

Major Benefits of Text Neck Prevention Device

 Compact design that's easy to be worn on the back of your neck
 Easy to use, easy to store, easy to fix and prevent neck postures
Able to easily monitor and analyze posture issues through ALEX's app
Measures the angle of your neck and position of your head while coaching you towards better a posture
Alleviate chronic neck and shoulder pain

What Makes Alex Text Neck Reliever or Posture Tracker so unique?

Posture Tracker and Coach is a brand new piece of technology that will provide you with essential tools and information to fix your neck posture. Through better postures, back, shoulder, and neck pains can be alleviated as tendons and muscles are not strained as much.

'Text neck', a new 21st Century pain symptom that is caused by the prolonged usage of cell phones and portable devices, will not trouble you any longer with neck reliever being the gateway to protect your spine and give you back a better quality of life.

Features That Enable You To Correctly Position Your Neck Posture Eliminating Stiffness And Fatigue

Compatible with Andriod 4.4 (KitKat) or later and iOS 8.0 (iPhone 4S) or later
Lithium-ion battery (up to 7 days or 70 hours of battery life)
English manual included for ease of operation and setup
Includes USB cable for charging
Includes protective carrying case
Designed, patented, and made in Korea
 A peace of mind knowing ALEX is designed by a team of experienced Bio Medical Engineers with M.S and Ph.D. degrees at Seoul National University

What Health Experts Say About this Neck Posture Device

The Wall Street Journal “A Cure for Digital Addicts’ Text Neck”

“… Alex could be helpful for certain people who have noticed that their pain increases with prolonged periods in poor posture, he adds.” “In testing Alex, I liked that I could adjust the neck till the device considered “bad,” which allowed me to set reasonable goals. I also liked that the device allowed me to choose how long it gave me before vibrating to warn of poor posture. I chose to have it vibrate after my neck and had been craned forward for a minute.”

– Leon M. Straker. A professor of physiotherapy at Curtin University in Perth, Australia.

text neck device recommended by health expert


This Text Neck Device is Packed With Technological Advancements and comes With Smartphone Application

No need to feel awkward when you wear neck reliever in your home or in your office. It is designed to be easy to carry, easy to wear, easy to use, easy to adjust, and easy on the eyes. Through the proprietary adjustment band that is fixed onto the sensor module, even people with glasses will enjoy the benefits of this device without worrying the device falling off from the back of your neck.

How to use

Pairing your smart-phone with the system has never been so simple thanks to the Bluetooth 4.0 technology.
  1. Simply download the free app, install, and connect using the easy-to-access pairing button located on the sensor module. The app detects your neck motions in real time, providing actual data-feed as you go about your day.

  2. The app includes additional settings that allow you to set the sensor sensitivity based on the level of angle best suit your need. Silent operation of the vibration motor that delivers a reminder of poor neck posture to the back of your neck ensures other people around you won't be disturbed. This makes using the device in the public, such as in school lecture halls, in the library, in the office, and so on, that much more relaxing and discreet.

An additional carrying case further protects this unit. Never again will you have to worry about damaging this device, as the shell is a synthetic hard case with convenient zipper. Inside has an inner pouch to store the USB cable that is required to recharge the battery.

With USB recharging design, you can save money on annoying batteries that don't last as long. ALEX  uses Lithium-ion, the same type of battery that your phone uses, as its main power source. With 3-Axis Motion Sensor (Accelerometer), the vibration motor won't be triggered through false detections, effectively lowering the usage and extending the battery life. Up to 7 hours (10 hours per day) of battery life per charge, you won't have to worry about ALEX running out of power for a long time.

Package Includes 

- 1 Neck Posture Corrector

- 1 Manual


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