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Neck Rest / Support with Soft Foam - ChiSoft®

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How can ChiSoft® neck rest support you in preventing neck pain caused by poor posture

Designed to support your neck while providing instant relief when discomfort or pain is starting to affect you. When the strain on your neck becomes unbearable, you tend to move your head to stretch that tension. 

However, excessive movement may sometimes make the pain worse. Sometimes, the simplest solution is to let your neck rest for a short while. 

Neck Support

No more neck pain, with more and more people using computers, cellphones, and tablets, neck strains are becoming a frequent problem. Do you feel your neck is getting heavy at times? Does the pain appear on your neck? Have you noticed that your day-to-day activities are being impacted?

If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Major benefits of our neck collar that can be used for in home and office with it's newly devised slip cover

Experience instant relief on your neck by using foam neck support. Conveniently and gently supporting your neck, the weight of your head is distributed all around the foam. 

A friendly companion that you deserve. Have a worry-free comfort while working away. Even if you are too busy to take a break from work, gives you a helping hand.

Best of all, after your work is done you can be greeted with a well-rested neck and a calming experience. 

Elegant design to make nearby colleagues, friends, and family jealous. Some other products are poorly designed in quality and shape. Displays an image of soft, pliable relaxation for your neck's well-being through graceful curvatures of the foam. 

Special features guaranteed to minimize strained stressed muscle tension in the neck area

The special added features are innovated to suit your needs. The favorite design that this neck support gives is the slip cover that dispels dust, and keeps it looking clean is the thing that sets this apart from all the other neck supports alike.  

How it works

1. With the open end toward the back of your neck, gently wrap the neck support around your neck. The indent at the top of the foam should be beneath your chin.

2. Carefully adjust the length of the velcro strap and securely attach the neck rest around your neck. 

3. Use the Neck Support until neck pain or neck discomfort disappears or until you are satisfied with the soothing relief result. 

To ensure the safe usage of this product, do not tighten the neck support's velcro strap too tightly around your neck. Improper usage may result in injuries or unwanted oxygen obstruction to your body. Remove the neck support immediately if you feel any discomforts.


Dimension: 10.24 x 3.94 x 1.18 inches
Weight: 0.2 lbs
Material: soft foam, plastic, cotton

Package Includes

x1 neck support
x1 slip cover
x1 plastic guard

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