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Neck Stretcher Device - ChiSoft - Relieve Neck Stiff Muscles

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ChiSoft® Mini Neck Stretcher with acupressure stimulating points

The solution for a light and soothing neck is here!

It's clear you might be having some neck discomforts due to improper sitting postures and straining your muscles too much; we know because you are looking at this amazing product right now! Even if your neck is in perfect health, you might be considering buying a product for someone to help relief neck stress, shoulder pain, and muscle strains, correct?

If yes, then go no further! This is the stop that you want to get off of the Product Browsing Train. No more time wasted, no more frustrations, ChiSoft® Mini Comfort neck Stretcher is the companion that you want for a healthy neck! 

Well known benefits for this Self neck Stretching Device

Enjoy the benefit of multiple chiropractic massages on the stress points in the comfort and convenience of your home! No more making appointments, no more taking the time out of your day; a luxury therapeutic pain relief session with incredible relaxation starts now with ChiSoft® Comfort neck Stretcher! 

Two steps to a world of soothing wellness: Place the massager in a comfortable area and gently rest your back or neck against the massager - done. You'll be amazed as to how easy it is to solve your neck, neck, shoulder and headache problems!

Relieve tense muscles and tension headaches: The massager stretches and supports your neck so that your weight from your body is being distributed evenly and effectively. By taking the pressure off of your neck, you will be able to finally get away from the feelings of distress and agony.

Improve range of motion: The acupuncture massager points melt into the muscles and make them more flexible through targeted therapeutic pressure. This will also increase blood circulation, which decreases the chance of unwanted muscle tension.

Specifically innovated features

Feel young again and start enjoying your day once more.

Improper postures can result in strained neck muscles, which can contribute to great discomforts on your shoulders, neck, and eventually headaches. Instead of paying a lot of money for a single session of massage therapy, why not get ChiSoft® Comfort neck Stretcher?

ChiSoft® Mini Comfort neck Stretcher Device is an effective alternative solution to your neck problems with fast results.

Convenient: Small footprint of the massager allows the massager to be carried and stored anywhere, at any time. The ribbits acts as a stimulator for tense aching muscles.

No more worries about stains! Other products may be fabric or leather in outer design and may potentially attract unwanted dirt, grime, dust, or color stains from your clothes. Comfort neck Stretcher is easy to clean and easy to store! 

ChiSoft® Mini Comfort neck Stretcher Device vs generics

Other generic brands are heavy and require electricity to run. The Comfort neck Stretcher is light-weight, easy-to-use without complicated instructions, and it is extremely portable.

Don't break your bank with expensive massager. For the same effect, you can comfortably get this product at an affordable price!

The Comfort neck Stretcher gives you the chance to lie on your neck for a spa-like, meditative relaxation after a long day.

Instructional use

To properly use the mini stretcher make sure you position the device on a flat surface. Center your spine accordingly between acupressure points.

spine  issues

Safety precaution

  • Place the massager on an even floor to prevent injuries
  • Always gently roll to the side to get up from the massager to alleviate discomfort
  • Do not use with acute neck strains or sprains


Dimension: 8.6 x 4 x 4 inches
Weight: 0.93lbs
Adjustable Height: No
Material: Plastic
Max Rising Height: 4 inches

Package Includes

      x1 ChiSoft® Mini Comfort neck Stretcher Device
      x1 Extra foam strap
      x1 Manual

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