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Hand Held Neck Shoulder Roller Massager - ChiSoft®

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Conveniently Designed For The Best Deep Massage Upon Your Neck

There's a region on our neck where if you have poor sitting postures or slouching while working away you will feel the soreness and the tightness. This sensation can be overwhelming to a level where it ruins your day and your quality of work suffers.

Don't worry! What if we were to tell you that we've brought in a product that not only provides a soothing relief from neck discomfort almost instantly, that it is researched and designed for easy use, and that it can be obtained at a price that will surely put a smile on your face?

Let's take a look at the Comfort Neck Dual Spheres Massager  - With ergonomic handle design and well-placed massage spheres at a certain angle, regions around the curvature of your neck can be effectively massaged to disperse the tightness, soreness, aches, and any other discomforts with an incredible result!

Unbeatable Benefits and Features of the ChiSoft® Comfort Dual Spheres Neck Massager

On average, an adult human head is around 10 to 12lbs in weight. When you bend your neck to text message on your phone or sit in a slouching position in front of the computer for hours at a time, roughly 60lbs of force is being applied to your neck. Imagine a prolonged period of time with such weight being strained upon your neck muscles and neck tendons.

 Ergonomic handles let's you comfortably apply the right pressure and the perfect angle how you want it when you want it upon your neck.

 With the versatile massage angles from something so simple yet so effective.

 The high-quality massage spheres: Rubberized outer shell ensures a robust grip upon your skin to maximize the massages without the spheres sliding around. 

 Comfortable and portable the small size means it's great for storage during travel; the rubberized surface of the massage spheres also provide an extra layer of comfort that is firm in design yet soft enough to let you have the most relaxing stress and tension relief session. 

You need to have regular breaks from the phone and the computer while apply some soothing massages to the regions around your neck to alleviate stress and tensions that have built up throughout the day.

ChiSoft® Comfort Dual Spheres Neck Massager vs Generics

1. Some brands and products are just single massage sphere which you have to hold onto otherwise risk dropping it on the floor and breaking it. Our product has two massage spheres that target both sides of the neck simultaneously, providing the complete coverage of your neck to ensure discomforts are massaged away effectively.

2. Rather than a single massage sphere that is hard plastic in design, our neck massager spheres are soft yet firm enough to provide a deep, relaxing massage to your neck. 

3. Convenient handles give you the ability to control the amount of force applied to the regions of discomfort and to adjust the angles of the massage on the go.

How it Works

The exclusive construction for this mechanism is well thought of. It may look oddly shaped with golf ball looking material but the built in compression trigger points within the balls targets sore, aggravated, and dissatisfied muscles.

Widely operated to deeply massage the outer parts of tough neck muscles. Best used for the back of the neck.

Package Includes

- hand held neck massager

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