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Korean Suction Cupping 17-set - CHISOFT High Quality cups

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Suction Cupping Is A Proven Chinese Alternative Health Therapy with over 1000 Years History To Help Fasten Your Healing Process

Have you experienced the following symptoms: less energy, feeling sick all the time, aches and soreness on parts of your body or lack of motivation to do anything?

If so, look closer as we have something to tell you: The Massage Therapy Cups help in reducing negative inner aura that has been built up inside your body over time and soothes discomforts by improving blood circulation through a unique suction/compression method.

suction cupping set 17 


Benefits and the Korea 17-Set Suction Cupping Therapy by CHISOFT

  • Increases Blood flow to body tissues: Smoother blood flow in your body allows for better metabolism, which gives you the edge to digest nutrients with effectiveness and speed before they become stored waste energy and fat.
  • Softens tight muscles.
  • Helps increase your immune system
  • Increase lymph flow to skin & muscles  Increase the metabolism and promote a Healthier Body

 chinese cupping therapy set

Get the comforting results in a matter of minutes!

It's no secret that Chinese medicinal practices provide the natural benefits to the body that modern medicines may not be able to have. Gone are the negative side-effects that may affect your quality of life, Chinese medicinal practices focus on the root cause of health ailment, provide a gentle cure, and prevent possible future health issues from invading your body.

This product gives you a natural solution through targeted regions on your body; over time with proper usage, you will be able to feel energized, happier, and healthier! In addition, increased blood flow ensures your metabolism is boosted, further reducing possible chances of unwanted fat and weakened muscle state!

Affordable painless acupuncture therapy

What Makes This Quality Vacuum Cupping Set So Special

1. Comfortable, simple and effective: Don't waste time piecing things together when the product should be ready to use right out of the box.

3. Used by professionals as well: These are the cupping sets used by Chinese doctors to help relieve pain from the body caused by possible blockages to the flow of aura, injuries, and chronic health issues.

4. Affordable: No need to get those acupuncture sets that are overpriced and required professional people to use. This product stays within your budget while gives you the same result.

Manually control the cupping pressure on the body - No more risk with fire and burning skin. It’s a Faster and Safer way to apply masage cupping therapy

The hand-gripped vacuum pump allows you to easily place the cup at the targeted body part and apply the massage cupping therapy immediately.

Instead of using the old way by burning up oxygen in the glass, Vita Activate’s Suction cup allows you to withdraw the air from the cups using a suction gun.

It’s easy and fast! With these transparent cups you can see the reddening progress of the treatment and allows you to adjust the pressure to the patients own comfort level.

All 17 cupping sets are made with high standards and quality principles.  Each cup is carefully inspected at the factory with ISO9001 quality standard.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow Has Been Using Suction Cupping Therapy with Amazing Results

 Testimonials ~ What Customers Say About Our Cupping Set

"I recently purchased an oriental massage cupping set from your website, Vita Activate. I have to say that the service that I received exceeds all of my expectations. When the set arrived, there was some damage to one of the cups. There was also a connector missing from the set. I contacted the service department through the website. 

Not only did you send me return instructions, but, after hearing that I was simply missing a piece and had some damage to another, you sent me a new set without asking me to go through the hassle of returning the old set. This personal service is much appreciated. I will definitely make a preferred vendor for my future needs!"


Tim, Burnsville, MN


"This is a great cupping set! I'm have been studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and using it with practice patients for colds/flus aches and pain! Easy to use, easy to clean and fantastic carrying case! I highly recommend this set!!"

George, Goose Creek, South Carolina

"I got the cupping set 17 in a few days, which is very quick. It is very easy and straightforward to use. Just use the pump to suck out the air. It’s much better and safer than the old fire cupping. I'm totally satisfied with this purchase. "

Sara, Lyons, Nebraska

Korean Suction Cupping 17-Set VS. Generics Models

This cupping 17-set is inexpensive and durable. It consists of 17 different sizes quality plastics cupping for you to treat most body parts and enjoy the massage cupping therapy. No more hassle or burning skin done by old fire cupping way.

Safe and easy-to-use, no need to worry about complicated instructions or breaking the product

1. The high quality silicon ensures that the product is safe and easy to use, providing firm suction while giving you the material softness to be used upon your body.

2. Other brands offer the same wonderful result but they are designed with flimsy glass that may break and potentially injure yourself.

3. Smaller compact size and easier to store, the silicon Massage Therapy Cups can provide you immediate relaxation and pain relief on the go!

4. Eight Massage Therapy Cups, eight times more effectiveness! Pinpoint multiple locations at the same time to allow the aura in your body circulate properly while promoting smoother blood flow for a healthier lifestyle!


Package include:

17 x massage cups


Safety & Cautions

-Do not use this product for more than 2 minutes at a time as the suction cups may leave deeper residual marks on your skin -Do not pull on the suction cups when vacuum seal has been created to prevent injuries

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