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Japanese Gel Bubble Eye Mask for Sleeping

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Relax, Recharge, and Replenish with this Japanese Eye Mask!

Aqua Eye Bubble Pillow

Feeling tired after a long day at work? Are those dark circles under your eyes showing? Well look no further, because we have an all-new solution that will solve your problems. The Aqua Bubble Eye pillow is a comfortable eye mask, filled with cool gel beads that offer you the spa-grade experience right in the comfort of your own home!


Use VITA ACTIVATE Aqua Gel Based Eye Mask To Alleviate Eye Fatigue, Relaxation and More....

Benefits of Aqua Gel

Do you feel so busy sometimes that you can’t find time to go to the spa and relax? With the Aqua Gel Bubble Pillow, you’ll get the same comfortable experience without having to pay for an expensive one-time benefit of a spa. Everyone falls in absolutely with the Aqua Gel Bubble Pillow, and so will you! Below are some more benefits with regular use of this product!

 This Japanese-grade gel pillow offers you comfort in the area around the eyes with a cool or warm sensation!

 Soothing sensation to relax at the end of a busy day

 Heating and cooling suitable for maximum comfort


Special Features Of This Eye Mask

There are a multitude of benefits with the amazing features listed here:

  •  Gel beads
  •  Travel-friendly, as it is lightweight and portable
  •  Cool & Hot Relaxation
  •  Smooth and comfortable fabric to cover your eyes
  •  Can be used repeatedly, as often as to your liking!



Tips for Use

To optimize the positive experience you’ll have with this product, we suggest storing your Aqua Pillow in a cool, dry. Below are also a few tips and instructional use for this device! Here’s to use it:

  • Aqua Pillow for Heat Therapy
    • Warm up within 15 seconds at home in the microwave oven (500 - 600 W)
  • Aqua Pillow for Cooling Sensation
    • Cool in the refrigerator for about 1 hour, or in the freezer for approximately 20 minutes


Package Includes

  • Ladonna Aqua Bubble Eye Pillow
  • Instruction Manual

Limited Edition! Try This Eye Mask Before It's Sold Out

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