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Acupressure Mat for Muscle Relief - ChiSoft®

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Acupressure Massage Mat A Blanket Of Wellness Right Underneath You

Acupressure massage is a very healthy exercise where you don't need to overly-exert yourself and causing potential injuries to your muscles, tendons, and bones. Through flexible motions, you will be able to achieve a level of natural wellness for both your body and your mind. A spiritual relaxation that will encompass your well-being with meditative effect can be generated through yoga.


Sometimes the beneficial effect of yoga can be further enhanced and expanded by using other tools to assist in channeling inner aura to influence the physical health. The stronger the sense of serenity and relaxation, the better you will feel as your body becomes one with the environment around you.

This is why we have brought in our ChiSoft® Acupressure Mat where pressure points upon the mat targets multiple stress points upon your back to alleviate negative energy that has been built up over time.

Let's take a closer look at this unique product!


The Benefits Of Acupressure Massage Is A Proven Method For Ultimate Relaxation 

Acupressure massage is a pretty unique exercise where it doesn't require superior strength in order to see the results. On the contrary, it utilizes flexibility and patience, as well as, a peaceful state of mind, in order to maximize the effects.

 There are many benefits of doing yoga. For one, it improves flexibility of your body, which alleviates tightness and discomforts around your joints, back, and neck.

 Then there are the benefits of protecting your spine, enhancing your muscle strength, correcting your postures, preventing cartilage and joint breakdown, improving your endurance, and even helping you focus!

 Yoga is a wondrous exercise where people are less distracted by their thoughts while focusing on the wellness of their body and mind.




 Multiple acupuncture pressure points all along the surface of the mat.

 Durable materials ensuring the longevity of the product

 Large surface area ensures an effective Yoga routine without rolling off.


Top Rated Review By Many 


With the support of ChiSoft® Acupressure Massage Mat, this is like a booster shot to your body where pressure points are providing a deep and penetrating effect that sooth out muscle tensions and further develop a resistance to pain while promoting strong immune system.


Package Includes

- acupuncture mat


*Product has been dis-continued*

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