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Acupressure Neck Stretcher + Tension Balm Combo - Trigger Point Self Massage CHISOFT

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The Cure for Neck Pain is Here! Pressure Point Massager for Upper and Lower Neck

Everyday activities tell easily on the body most of the time because of the rigorous movement they require. When the body is overworked, several parts of the muscles are put under tension leading to uncomfortable pain in those parts of the body. One of those body parts that usually bear the brunt of overworking is the neck. Neck pains usually occur as a result of bad postures, slouching and sitting for long hours in front of a computer.

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ChiSoft Acupressure neck pillow has proven to be one of the best ways to relieve neck pains, hence the best solution for your neck pain. ChiSoftself neck massaging pillow helps you to relax tense neck, back and shoulder muscles almost immediately. It is an effective and quick method of relieving pains around the neck region

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Benefits of ChiSoft Acupressure Neck Pillow

Effective Pain Relief: As fast as 15 minutes, your neck pain can be easily relieved, all you need to do is support your neck with the Silicon neck support which will help you re-align your head and neck in a more comfortable position

Neck Muscle Stretch: it stretches the neck muscle by expanding the muscles of the head, neck, and shoulders

Reduces Head Aches And Migraine: the product is designed to target certain points and give it acupressure point self-massage

Relaxation: it relaxes your body by unblocking and opening the collaterals and meridians

Tightens The Muscles: it helps to tighten your neck and shoulder muscles

Posture and Realignment: it helps to correct the posture by stretching stiff neck muscles as well as realign the cervical spine

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ChiSoft Acupressure Point Trigger Massage VS Generic Brands

ChisSoft acupressure neck pillow is made with the combination of the ancient traditional Indian healing style using a bed of nails to achieve a balance between the mind and body as well as removing mental, physical and emotional hindrance with the Swedish innovative style to bring forth a practical and comfortable way to relieve stress with excellent results.

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ChiSoft acupressure neck pillow consists of 10 big knobs as well as 6 mini Papilla Stimulating Acupressure points in order to relieve a headache and massage the neck. The self-massaging neck pillow has 2 very big papillae placed in the middle of the pillow geared at massaging the upper neck and the cervical spine area.

In each papilla, there is 3 smaller papilla that is designed to stimulate the heaven’s papilla point located 2 fingers below the skull. With this, aches from the neck, back of the head, insomnia, stiff, restricted neck rotation and eyestrain can be easily relieved. It also helps in relieving cough. This product is particularly useful for muscle relaxation, arthritis, and relief from neck-shoulder pain.

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How to Use

ChiSoft acupressure neck pillow is easy to use. Simply place the neck pillow correctly along with your cervical spine, shoulder blade abs upper back spine and lie down for about 5 minutes while the product does its work. At the end of the 5 minutes of massage, turn off device, package, and store properly. The more frequent the use, the better the results.

These are just a few benefits of ChiSoft Acupressure Neck Pillow. From the above, it is obvious that this product can help you improve your health quality and performance in life. What are you waiting for? Are you experiencing no problems yet? Prevention ever remains better than cure so grab a package now and work your way up to super health!

Experiencing neck pains but need pointers on what to go for? The ChiSoft Acupressure Neck Pillow is a great device to use!

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