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Full-Face Beauty Panel Led Light Therapy

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Full-Face Beauty Panel Led Light Therapy Is Now The Top Selling Device To Get Youthfulness Back!

There are various reasons why people have wrinkles, fine lines around their mouth and face and dry skin. Some of the major causes for this is exposure to UV light from the sun for a long time, habitual smoking and the natural aging process taking its course. Regardless of the reason why your skin is changing, having to look older than your age mates can not only lower your self-esteem but also make you avoid social places and family events due to the fear of what people might say. Damage to the skin ceases the production of collagen which inhibits the epidermis from retaining moisture, and thus your skin loses its elasticity and that plump, youthful look. This, if not taken care of may lead to even serious conditions such as skin dermatitis and skin cancer which are not only hard to treat but in some severe cases can be irreparable.

We understand the annoyance and the discomfort that fine lines or wrinkles on your skin can cause, that’s why we have brought the all new Full-Face LED Light Therapy which not only treats your full face but takes care of your hands, chest, hack and neck in only a few minutes a day. It is also prescription free which means you don’t need any advice from your physician on how and when to use it.

Many consumers have been told by their doctor to order this amazing Full- Face LED therapy. Let’s take a look at the real reason as to how and why you should have this gadget on your next shopping list.


Top Benefits Proves That This Product Works As Seen In The Media

The first wrinkles on anyone’s face are as a result of the facial expression. Dehydration, smoking, sun damage and other genetic and environmental factors go a long way to determining where and when a person develops wrinkles. People tend to develop fine lines and creases in the areas that experience the most exposure to sunlight especially the neck and the face, arms and the back of the hands

This can be sometimes detrimental as it can lead to conditions like acne and excess exposure to UV light from the sun causes skin cancer to people who are light sensitive. Some people have sought all forms of reversing these conditions from cosmetics, Botox, Laser therapy to plastic surgeries but to no remedy of their satisfaction due to the amount in dollars and time involved. This is where Full-Face Beauty Panel Led Light Therapy comes to play.

 An all-natural drug and chemical free therapy. It’s also affordable and non-invasive.
 Blue LED lights kills all bacteria that live in the skin causing acne and other skin conditions resulting in a glowing, youthful and healthy skin.
 Enhance skin tone texture and treats skin dryness
 Reverses wrinkles and fine lines
 The only full-face LED light therapy gadget that is cleared by the Food and Drug, administration for domestic use which is medically and clinically proven.
 The powerful Led light promotes the healing of the skin and recovery activity as well as reducing the damage brought by bruising, scrapes and cuts, scarring and sun burns.
 You only have to treat the desired surface area for eight minutes only in a day to reverse fine lines, wrinkles, improve skin texture and tone while destroying bacteria that causes acne.
 Enhances skin regeneration by activating fibroblast cells which increase the secretion of elastin and collagen.
 Activates and stimulates the nutritional elements that are within the skin
 Eliminates the appearance of skin flushing and redness

    The Full-Face LED light therapy uses multiple medical grade lights to improve on your skins’ look and the, in particular, blue light eliminates bacteria under the skin that may cause acne. The LED light reaches deep into the skin layers stimulating and rejuvenating repair of the skin cells which increases moisture and blood circulation to promote a young and vibrant complexion.


    Enhanced Easy-To- Use Features That Work Wonders To Reverse Fine Lines And Wrinkles

    There are many reasons to use the full-face LED light therapy which include and not limited to activating and stimulating the skin cells metabolic function, promoting the skin’s ability to produce collagen which aids in retaining skin elasticity and reducing skin degradation caused by age and environmental factors. The device’s uniquely engineered features bring is a whole new experience in dealing with these issues.

     Has a countertop stand that can be adjusted
     An instruction user manual
     Ac/DC power supply
     Optional use relaxation goggles
     One year warranty
     A fashionable storage bag which promotes portability

      We ensure that when you are getting the full face light treatments, you get a comfortable posture and an experience you would want to have on a daily basis for maximum and best results. We also make it easy to carry the gadget around so you can have the treatment sessions anywhere including at work and on vacations.


      Tips And Instructional Use

      Adjust the device on the countertop stand and adjust it to the most comfortable position. Turn on the device and have your treatment session for about 8 minutes on the selected treatment area. To disable, press the power button again, and the Led indicator disappears. Fold the device and return it in the bag.

      1)    Clean and wash your face

      2)    Plug the device to a power supply

      3)    Press the power button for the Light emitting diodes to be activated

      4)    Push the power button once for anti-aging treatment session and twice for Acne

      5)    Treat the skin area that is desired with the light panel for eight minutes minimum

      6)    You have the option of either holding the system up to your face or placing it on the included stand.


      Keep In Mind

      It is paramount to apply the necessary safety precautions when dealing with electrical appliances especially when children can access it. Follow the following instructions.
      • Keep the gadget away from water to avoid risk of electrocution as some electrical parts such as capacitors are live even when off
      • Turn off when not in use
      • Never leave the device unattended when plugged
      • Do not use the device if you are light sensitive or undergoing medication
      • Seek your doctor’s advice if you are pregnant or suspect to be pregnant before using the gadget
      • Keep out of reach of children

      N/B This therapy should not be used to replace seeking for advice from your medical practitioner. There are no warranted medical claims by the utilization of this gadget.



      Function: Acne and anti-aging therapy
      Operational time: 8 minutes
      Voltage: 110V supply


      Package Includes

      - full face beauty panel
      - adjustable counter top
      - storage bag
      - manual
      - ac/dc supply 
      - relaxation goggles

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