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Complete 5 in 1 Beauty Tools Kit Fyola®


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Open Your Personal Spa Salon Right In The Comfort Of Your Home

There are a lot of different beauty tools out there with different designs, different models, different functions, and different pricings. It's already frustrating enough to have to research in great details for the perfect product that fits your needs. It's even more annoying when you just realized the one item you just received still wasn't enough to fulfill what your needs are!

Fyola 5 in 1 Beauty Kit

Fear not! Understanding the concerns, we have brought in the 5 in 1 Beauty Tools Kit! This incredible beauty set provides one of a complete skin care experience out there. High quality, robust build, multiple interchangeable heads, great packaging and more, this is a well-rounded set of value that you can get at an affordable price!

Complete Benefits From Top To Toe With Lady Shaver, Epilator, Facial Brush, Massager, and Callus Remover

It doesn't matter if it's summer or winter, your skin deserves the best treatment possible. Those fine hair which can be the most difficult to remove won't trouble you anymore with the epilator and shaver heads.

Maintain the glorious look of your skin with the included callus remover and cleanse your skin pores with the cleansing brush massager that not only cleans but also improves blood circulation!

The rechargeable cordless feature is a convenient add-on value that allows you to target all possible areas of the skin on your body with ease. Gone are the days of annoying power cord that just gets in your way!

The high-precision tube design and construct of the handheld brush conform to your fingers with a glossy finish.

For a product that gives the users a whole new beautiful look, it certainly can't ignore its self-image. Modern style and pure white color combined to give off a sense of serenity and elegance unlike before, you can effortlessly take off and snap on different brush heads that tailor to your needs when you want and how you want without looking awkward and out of place.

The detailed design of this product can further be vouched for when you hold it in your hand, as the weight along with rounded edges showcases the level of premium craftsmanship put into the creation of this beauty set!

Helpful Features That Remove Un-Wanted Hair

Five interchangeable heads: x1 epilator head, x1 cleansing brush head, x1 massager head, x1 lady shaver head, x1 callus remover head

Cordless and rechargeable: convenience and versatility are at hand with no cord to annoy you while providing you with the battery power needed to complete a beauty treatment session.

Waterproof: designed and tested, this brush can be used in the shower.

High-quality build: sturdy and durable materials are used to ensure this product can last for a long time.

How To Use

1. Facial Epilation

  • Before use, make sure your skin and the epilation head are thoroughly clean.
  • Turn on the appliance by sliding the on/off switch. The rotating direction of the tweezers depends on the direction you must move the switch when turning on. For best results, make sure that the tweezers rotate against the direction of hair growth.
  •  To become familiar with the appliance we recommend trying it first on the chin or near the outer comers of the mouth.
  •  Hold the appliance with the tweezers against a section of skin that you keep stretched with your free hand. Carefully guide it with gentle pressure against the direction of hair growth.
  •  Do not press too hard as this may lead to skin injury.
  •  To stretch upper lip area, use your tongue to push from below.
  •  After use, slide the on/off switch to the off position.
  •  Carefully clean the epilation head using the cleaning brush provided.
  •  To relax the skin we recommend applying a moisturizing cream after epilation.

    Note: When epilating for the first time, it is advisable to epilate in the evening, so that any possible reddening can disappear overnight.

    2. Facial Cleansing Brush

    • Pull off the epilator head, and click-in the cleansing brush
    • Moisten your skin and the brush head lightly with water. You may use the facial brush as part of your daily cleansing routine: with soap, cleanser, cleansing milk, gel or simply with water.
    • Turn on the appliance by sliding the on/off switch to any direction
    • Guide the brush with gentle pressure and circular motions for approximately one minute. Avoid eye area and hairline
    • After use, slide the switch back to position “off”
    • Rinse your face with water to remove residue of the cleansing product you’ve used
    • The brush can be rinsed with warm water. If you prefer cleaning it thoroughly with soap, you may detach the brush unit by pressing the release button.
    • After cleaning, leave all parts to dry completely before re-attaching

      Note: For best results, replace the brush unit every 3 months or sooner if bristles become deformed due to frequent usage.

      3. Facial Massager

      • Before use, make sure your skin and the massager head are thoroughly clean.
      • We advise you to use the massager after epilation and facial cleansing, it could help to relax your skin and improve the blood circulation.
      • Any moving direction is correct when you use the massager
      • After use, slide the switch bat to position “off”

        4. Callus Remover

        • Clean and wash the skin and dry fully, DO NOT use on broken or bleeding skin
        • Make sure the callus remover roller is place into the unit
        • Push the switch up, gently rotate back and for or side to side over the callus, corn, or hard skin area for 2-3 seconds
        • DO NOT press hard just gently glide the unit over desired area. The unit will stop if it is pressed too hard onto the skin
        • Turn the unit off and check if you achieved the softness you desire. If not, turn it back on and go over the area for 2-3 more seconds then check again
        • Continue to use this method until the level of smoothness is obtained
        • Clean device and leave out to dry

        5. Shaver 

        • Replace the head to the shaver and lock in device
        • Be confident that the skin is clean and the surface is supple
        • You may use your desired shaving cream, apply a decent amount on the surface of your skin
        • Turn the device and go over the region that you've applied the cream to
        • Steady your hands and press down slightly not to hard, just gently grazing the skins surface and eliminating the hairs
        • Continue to use this method until all the hairs are removed to your liking
        • Once finishing always sanitize heads and be sure to run it under lukewarm water so no hairs are seen after use

        Note: Do not go over shaved area more than twice. It may create rashes and leave redness upon the region.

          Keep In Mind

          This product contains batteries and recyclable electronic waste. To protect the environment, do not dispose of with the household waste, but take it to the appropriate local collection points.

          • Stop the use if skin becomes sore or inflamed
          • Do not use on skin for more than 2 seconds at a time
          • Turn the unit off after treatment
          • Rinse the skin or use a wet towel to get rid of the excess dead particles
          • For hygienic reasons, do not share this appliance with other people
          • Do not use the appliance on irritated skin
          • Do not use the epilation head on eyelashes, do not shape eyebrows with device
          • Never epilate with a damaged epilation head, when the appliance is switched on, it must never come in contact with clothing, ribbons or long hair to prevent any risk of personal injury or damage
          • Children should not be given access to this device

          To protect the environment, we recommend that you may take the battery to the national battery recycling center when it reaches the end of the lifespan.

          Package Includes

          - charging port
          - epilation head
          - shaver head
          - cleansing brush head
          - massager head
          - callus remover head
          - adapter

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