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Neck Relief

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Top Neck Pain Relief Product That Really Works

Your home treatment solutions to stiff neck or shoulder muscles.  Try our large selections of neck treatment products available at Vita Activate. From home neck traction device, neck support pillow to electric neck massagers.

Get a Soothing Neck Massage with Shiatsu Neck Massagers
Stretch your neck muscles with ChiSoft Neck Traction Device
Prevent text neck with Alex neck posture coach
Get Pint point massage with hand held neck massager

How to Choose a Neck Pain Relief Product

Are you having severe neck pain or you just need a simply soothing massage? Depending on  your discomfort and the symptoms of your neck pain this guide will help you find the ideal neck pain relief product.

Muscle tension is one of the most common reason for minor neck pain. This might result in aches around the neck and shoulders. When the neck muscles form sore knots or even contract in spasms , heath therapy is the best way to get relief. Try a heating pad in conjunction with massage therapy . You can use our best selling manual or electric massager that comes with heat therapy to help relax your stiff muscles and eliminate knots in the neck and shoulder area. Try most popular heated neck shoulder massager is here.

A home neck traction device can also used to reduce muscle pain and helps relieve neck pain caused by pinched nerve or compressed disc.

If you are suffering from tightness or stiffness in the neck due to limited range of motion, a Shiatsus neck massager can help you. Try our neck shoulder massager designed in Japan or the neck massage pillow to get an incredibly soothing massage at the comfort of your home.

 A stiff neck can or strain can be reduce by using our hand held accupresure neck massager giving you a pin point massage.  Regular stretching and moving away from your office desk can also reduce neck strain.

If you using the computer or smart phone for a long you might experience neck pain due to poor posture. Wearing a neck brace or collar can help prevent this type of neck pain. One of the most popular neck posture device is the Alex text neck device.

Different devices work better for you than others. Always consult a healthcare professional if you not sure what type treatment you need for your neck pain and find out the cause first.