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Portable Laundry Washer Alternative® WonderWash

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Laundry Alternative® WonderWash - Wash your clothes with ease even without electricity!

Here it is. The answer. The product that we've all been looking for - a laundry machine that doesn't require electricity and excessive amount of space to be used.

Let's face it, for many people owning a huge home just isn't an option because of expensive housing market, high mortgage, high property taxes, utility fees, and so on.

Not to mention a lot of appliances are tailored to families yet neglect those that are living by themselves. And even if the product is suitable for a family to be used, what happens when there's a blackout? You don't want to be stuck in the situation where a load of dirty laundry is waiting to be washed but there's no power to turn on the washing machine.

portable laundry washing machine

So let's check out the Portable Laundry Machine WonderWash where it is literally a self-sustaining washer invented out of necessity that can save you money in the long run. Best of it all, you can move it anywhere you like!

What's So Great About this Manual Washing Machine ?

Compacted in size, simple to use, here are the top major benefits  

  1. Saves you money

    Why spend more on electrical and water bills when you only need to wash a few shirts and pants at a time? There's no need to use so much resources and force yourself to pay more on the bills when this washer is able to do exactly what you want and provide the cleaning result that you need!

  2. The next generation in green, cleaner laundry alternatives

    Using less resources means less bills on yourself but it also means more natural resources can be conserved. In the long run, the environment can also be protected, which in turn benefits everyone as well.

  3. Save on space.

    If you don't have a huge laundry room for both the washer and dryer then this is ideal solution. There are very little selection available for small appliances in the market. Luckily,  this washer is the perfect solution since it's compact and portable. It allows you to do your laundry almost anywhere that allows for water drainage.

  4. Power outages won't be an issue anymore 

    It's pretty clear to everyone that power outages do occur from time to time. Why get stuck with dirty laundry when the power goes out? As this washer is hand-powered, you can still make sure favorite clothes are washed while your neighbours are stuck with smelly socks.

  5. Gentle on clothes 

    Unlike some electric mini washer that can potentially snag, tear, and rip your clothes, the design of this washer ensure that your clothes are washed with care while providing fast results!

  6. Ideal for outdoor washing 

    Doesn't have to be only for home usage, this product can also be used even during camping trips or road trips where access to laundry machine can be limited! As long as there's fresh water source nearby, smelly clothes will not be a headache for you anymore!

  7. Designed to last 

    Less electrical moving components means less chance of breakdown. This is an affordable washer for the initial investment and its so robust that you won't need to buy a new washer for hundreds of dollars.
Package include:
- 1 x WonderWash machine (assembly required)

Specifications / Safety & Cautions

12 x 12 x 16 inches
Washing capacity: 7-8 dress shirts / 10 t-shirts / 2 pairs of jeans
6 lbs

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