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Jade FIR Heating Pad - UTK Neck Shoulder Wrap

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Relieve Tension in your neck and shoulders with Jade Far Infared Heating Pad

Do you have stress or tight neck and shoulder muscles? These knots in the muscles form and tension tightens them over time. Don't them become chronic pain.

There are many culprits: working at a desk all day, bent over a computer, picking up kids, cleaning the house, or even just the poor posture that so many of us are guilty of. It starts small, then maybe an ache forms occasionally. You stretch your neck this way and that, but it just isn’t enough. Instead of harmful medications or expensive massages you try to tough it out, but not taking care of the muscle tension will only make it worse.

neck heating pad

We want you to take care of the tension in your neck and shoulders. Heat treatments can soothe sore muscles at home. Unfortunately, traditional heating pads can be awkward to use around the neck or shoulders. Life is busy, and you don’t have to be constantly adjusting a heating pad as it slips or slides off your neck.

There are DIY heating pad solutions, but those can be both a hassle to make and to use. Gathering what you need for a homemade heating pad and sewing it all together can take hours, which you might not have free. Then, after making a homemade heating pad you may find that it has to be microwaved constantly in order to provide a long treatment to your sore muscles.

There is a better solution. Our natural heating product uses jade stones for long lasting heat and infrared heat for deep penetration. It is designed to fit comfortably around your shoulders and neck, and it will stay in place while you go about your normal activities.


Top rated benefits neck and shoulder Heating Wrap with Jadeneck shoulder heating wrap

Knots in the neck and shoulders are also referred to as myofascial trigger points. These are irritated spots of muscle that cause pain and stiffness. These painful spots in the neck and shoulders can radiate out to other parts of the body causing back pain or tension headaches.

For some individuals, these painful muscles can lead to harmful medications, difficulty completing daily tasks, or just a general added struggle. This is where the jade neck and shoulder heating pad comes in.

  • Provides relief from shoulder and neck muscle tension
  • More effective pain relief than traditional heating pads
  • Deeper penetrating therapeutic heat due to far-infrared heat
  • Natural jade stones hold heat longer than other traditional products
  • Specially contoured to drape over the neck and shoulders
  • Solid construction will last for years
  • Easy to operate smart digital controller includes a variety of features such as: timer, temperature settings, auto shut-off, and memory functions
  • Unique shape allows you to work while you receive a treatment
  • Reduce tension headaches or other problems caused by muscle tension in the neck and shoulders

The Neck and Shoulder Heating pad offers the perfect at home neck and shoulder tension relief. The comfortable heating pad is contoured to rest over your shoulders and against your neck. You will not need to constantly adjust the product to keep it in place.

The natural jade heating pad offers far-infrared head, and negative ions to relieve your sore neck and shoulders more effectively than traditional heating pads. The far-infrared head offers deeper penetration than traditional heat treatments.

The jade neck and shoulder unit is made with solid construction to last for years. The unit’s easy to use smart digital controller is compatible with both AC 110-120 Volts and AC220-240 Volts so you can use this product anywhere. Muscle tension relief that can be used for many years in many places is the solution you need.



Customizable features ensure that you receive quick relief from neck pain, shoulder pain, tension headaches, back pain, and more

The jade neck and shoulder heating pad offers the best in neck and should tension relief. It is specially made to be customizable to your needs. Adjust the time and heat settings for your needs and let the full coverage of the heat treatment relax muscle tension away.

58 individual natural jade stones for complete coverage and penetration of affected areas
Multiple temperature settings for your comfort
Auto shut-off feature
Memory Function can remember your preferred settings
Easy to travel with. Works with both 110 Volt and 220 Volt AC power sources.

Use the heating pad during your daily activities without worry of needing to adjust it. Memory capabilities ensure that your perfect treatment is there when you need it. Range of power source levels means that your perfect tension relief pad is also available wherever you need it.

Tips and instructional use

Use the jade neck and shoulder heating pad while sitting down during your daily activities. You could be watching television, reading a book, or working at your computer. Do not use the heating pad while unconscious or if you have any implants.

  1. Find a comfortable sitting position near the outlet
  2. Plug the heating pad’s cord into your wall outlet power source
  3. Drape the heating pad over your neck and shoulders
  4. Find the attached digital controller and select a heat setting
  5. Use the digital controller to select a time length for your treatment
  6. Relax and enjoy the heat treatment on your neck and shoulders while you are sitting
  7. The auto shut-off feature should turn the unit off at the end of your previously selected time
  8. Remove the heating pad from your shoulders and neck
  9. Ensure that the unit is unplugged from the wall outlet power source


Keep in Mind When Using An Electrical Heating Pad

Do not use the heating pad while unconscious for any period of time. The unit is not recommended if you have any implants.

  • Most importantly keep product away from water, electrical parts are live even when it is off
  • Turn off after use
  • Turn off immediately when unit comes in contact with liquid substances
  • When plugged in never leave unattended
  • Keep out of reach from children

Notice: This should not be a replacement for a medical device. No medical claims are warranted by the use of this product. It is strongly advised to consult your physician before use if you are currently undertaking medical treatment.



  • Function: heating pad
  • Operation time: 240 minutes maximum
  • Voltage: 220V and 110V compatible
  • Actual power: 60W
  • Actual Pad Weight: 1 kg


Package Include

- 1 neck and shoulder heating pad
- 2 power cords (one plugged into power and one into pad)
- 1 Digital Controller

comes with 1 FREE Travel Neck Pillow!

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