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Lunch Box 3 Piece Bento Box

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Large Capacity Insulated Three Layer Lunch Box

Sometimes we just want to have a hearty meal with our favorite food for lunch. Sometimes when the outside temperature is cold and the weather is dreary, we just want to have a hot lunch to satisfy our hunger. Sometimes we just want to relish the sweet aroma of fresh, home-cooked food without the aftertaste of microwave oven.

Well, look no further! This incredible Large Capacity Insulated Three Layer Lunch Jar provides not only the solution for a diversified lunch meal but also comes with multiple awesome features and convenience that can't be paralleled by other similar products!

With stainless steel design, the high quality material ensures this lunch jar will survive the harsh environment of the outside world as you commute to work every day. The included shoulder strap also provides extra convenience, allowing you to carry it over your shoulder.

You thought that's it right? Nope!

This lunch jar also comes with a pair of chopsticks that are elegantly placed within the included chopstick container. Not only that, with three layer containers, you can separate the food the way that you want! Soup, veggies, meat, sauces, rice, noodles, fries, and so on; never worry about different types of food wrongly mixed together and destroy the delicate flavour! The silicon sealed container lid ensures that soup and sauces will not drip, while the smooth design of the containers can securely sit in the middle of the stainless jar with ease!

The thermal vacuum seal between the two layers of stainless steel material is proven to shield against the elements, making sure inner temperature of the containers are regulated and are not dispersed into the outer environment thereby providing the best insulation possible!

What's even better is the included carrying case with thermal material built inside to provide that extra insulation and protection against the weather. The same insulation material is used during pizza deliveries, so you know that this is an extra layer of thermal armour that repels cold temperatures while keeping your food nice and hot!


SpaSens Lunch Box Bag

* Three layer containers - provides the convenience and sorting feature for your favourite food so that the original taste of your meal will not be mixed and changed

* Insulated vacuum layers - ensures your food stays nice and warm even during cold days

* Tight silicon seal covers - protects the insulating travel bag from spills

* High quality materials - aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, the interior and exterior designs of the food jar and food containers are created with attention to detail, leaving no rough edges and poor craftsmanship

* Carry-on straps - provides the convenience and comfort even while traveling to work and to other places

* Includes thermal travel bag and chopsticks - gives you that extra convenience and value

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