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Lunch Box Large Capacity Stainless Steel

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Simplicity with great value is the name of the game

Don't waste time looking for complicated lunch boxes if you just need something simple and something that is on-the-go. Why should you be spending hundreds of dollars when you just need a container that can let you take to the office and enjoy during lunch time?

Look no further! If you just want something that's basic and still provides the storage capacity for your food, then the Versatile Large Capacity Three Layers Stainless Steel Lunch Box is the perfect answer for you!

3-layer lunch box

This nifty lunch box comes with three layers guaranteeing your hunger will be satisfied!

Nicely designed and constructed, the high quality steel will ensure that rust will not ruin the finish of this lunch box. It is also easy to clean as well! Don't be stressed out when food particles and sauces are stuck on the inside of the containers. Just use any ordinary dish scrubbers and get the cleaning result in just minutes without damaging the interior surface of the lunch containers!

The three layers are easy to attach and detach, giving you the  simplicity of food assortment feature while not sacrificing convenience. The exterior quality is robust and gives you extra sense of durability while this lunch box travels with you to your office!

But what if you don't need all three layers? Easy! Just detach the top layer and put on the exterior lid that has the carrying handle. You just want to bring some fruits with you? Use the bottom layer container as the only container. You want to bring some rice and veggies? Just use the bottom two layers and add on the lid! It doesn't matter how much food you want to bring, this versatile lunch box gives you not one, not two, but three layers of options to fit whatever needs that you have!

Comes with a travel bag that has multiple pouches to hold your utensils, you won't have to worry about losing your forks, knives, and spoons. The interior of the bag is created so that any spills can be wiped clean with ease, saving you the frustration and trouble that other similar lunch box products generate! The exterior is rough on design to withstand the punishing environment that you may put it through. Whether if it's brushing against the wall, bumping against the doorframe, or being rained on, the exterior is built for extra protection!

lunch box case

Fashionably coloured to further enhance your lunch meal experience, each lunch box layer is uniquely shaded with comfortable colors that don't sacrifice modern design and personal splendour style! Don't like one of the colors and don't need to use all three layers? As mentioned before, just take one layer off! You are not forced to use all three layers and accept all three colors. You can even mix and match colors if you have more than one of this amazing lunch box!


* Versatile three layer containers - gives you a personalized touch of choices to let you use this lunch box however way you want: remove the layers that you don't need or mix and match colors of your choice if you have more than one of this lunch box

* Large capacity - the incredible size of each layer for this lunch box ensures that you will never go hungry again during lunch

* High quality materials - the stainless steel interior provides the longevity and the ease of cleaning to give you the most value possible.

* Great exterior design - who says lunch boxes have to be ugly and boring? Don't worry about feeling embarrassed when carrying this product; each layer of this lunch box is crafted with different colors; the smooth finish of the outer shell ensures that your hands are protected while providing the best outer appearance that fit with the rest of your modern office design

* Durable outer carrying case - protect against the elements and the environment


lunch box dimensions

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