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Knee Leg Wrap Massager Knee-4A InfraMat Pro

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Knee-4A InfraMat Pro

Healthy Line is an American manufacturing company that offers the world’s widest selection of high-quality Far-Infrared Heating mats, made with natural gemstones. It incorporates different systems with the goal of improving the health of the body.  HealthyLine is the company that is responsible for creating the Knee-4A InfraMat Pro.


The Knee-4A InfraMat Pro focuses on the knee with deep penetrating energy. It can be used on either knee and provides incredible healing power. The Knee-4A InfraMat Pro works by combining three power effects for efficiency as follows

Amethyst; brings a calming effect in the healing process.
Tourmaline ceramics; used to lower far infrared levels due to high concentrations of negative ions. Also, tourmaline provides an energizing effect.
Jade provides both soothing and energizing effect for your knee.

    This knee pad has been created with negative ions, far infrared rays, and heated gemstones that offer the healthy solution for your knee. This product has been FDA registered that gives quality assurance for safe use on the body.

    The Knee-4A InfraMat Pro has been designed to be incredible for use at home, medical office, spa or rehabilitation center for people seeking physiotherapy.

    Benefits Of Knee-4A InfraMat Pro

    The Knee-4A InfraMat Pro has several advantages for your knee therapy. Some of the reasons why you should use one include:

     You can use this product for either a health benefit or for pleasure as in a spa.
     It is safe for use as it has an FDA certification.
     It comes as one set but can be used on either foot.
     The products that are used to create it; jade, amethyst, and tourmaline are all natural.
     The Knee-4A InfraMat Pro can increase the circulation of blood, which is a health benefit.
     It acts on the leg by relieving pain and strengthening the immune system of the user.
     For individuals who are insomniac, it provides a soothing effect that relieves insomnia.
     Provides a sense of well-being by relieving pain.
     It eases the effect of stiffness and inflammation.
     It helps to rejuvenate body cells and tissues.


      Features of Knee-4A InfraMat Pro

      For every product to work effectively, there have to be features that it has been designed with to provide the benefits. Some of the incredible features that provide efficiency of this product include:

       The materials that are used to create it are non-toxic and natural to prevent adverse effects.
       It is created with high-quality materials for durability.
       It is designed with an automated EMF-filter which is a protective measure for the human body.
       It has a LED display so that you can control the temperature to your desire.
       It is purchased with a carry bag which enhances portability.
       It has 14 layers that have been featured with different functionalities.
       A 2.5kg weight is suitable for portability.
       It has a highly effective heating pad.

        Additional Benefits For A Healthier Lifestyle

        The negative ion therapy of the Knee-4A InfraMat Pro is made to;

        • Physically recover exhaustion of the body.
        • Cause calmness and relaxation of the body.
        • Rejuvenate the body system
        • Enhance vitality of muscle tissue

        On purchase of a Knee-4A InfraMat Pro, you get;

        • Comes with a carrying case.
        • A set of one, with 3 pounds pure amethyst stone, natural jade and tourmaline stones. The set can be used on either leg.
        • A controller to regulate temperatures to one's preferences.
        • A one year warranty.
        • Instructional manual.

        You need to start the use of the Knee-4A InfraMat Pro at a low temperature, specifically the body temperature. Hence you can gradually increase the temperature to one that is not negatively effective to the body. It is wise to set it at a lower temperature so that you can use it for long.

        The Knee-4A InfraMat Pro is the next big thing in massage therapy. It evenly distributes the heat to bring a relaxed yet effective result. It has also been made with several layers that ensure that only the safe and efficient infrared reach the skin.

        If you are looking for a knee therapy that will provide both healing and a sense of pleasure, find your solution in the Knee-4A InfraMat Pro by HealthyLine.


        Tips And Instructional Use Of Knee-4A InfraMat Pro

        Knee-4A control panel

        If you want to get the best out of the Knee-4A InfraMat Pro, it is best to use the device in the way that will cause a positive effect. The following are some tips that you may need when you have a Knee-4A InfraMat Pro.

        • Ensure that you focus your attention on the part of the knee that needs the massage.
        • Use the Knee-4A InfraMat Pro several times a week to achieve optimal results.
        • While using the Knee-4A InfraMat Pro, the mood should be a natural ambiance for a relaxing and efficient result.
        • Safety Precautions when Using Knee-4A InfraMat Pro
        • Using far infrared on the body may sometimes have adverse effects. Therefore it is wise to observe safety precautions when using the Knee-4A InfraMat Pro. Some of the precautionary tips include:
        • Read the instructional manual carefully and incisively before you use the Knee-4A InfraMat Pro.
        • Ensure that the temperature is at the range of your heat sensitivity, a higher temperature may have adverse effects.
        • If you have an injury, do not use the Knee-4A InfraMat Pro within 48 hours of injury.


        Package Includes

        - knee leg wrap massager
        - remote

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