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Infrared Heating Device - Melt Away Pain with ChiSoft®

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Melts Away Muscle And Joint Pain With The Built In Kneading Infrared Heating Device Massager

Are you looking for an infrared heating device relieve hand, elbow, knee, back or shoulder pain without spending a fortune? This portable heating pad could be your best pain relief solution.

This far infrared heating wand emits far infrared heat that quickly penetrates within your skin and helps increase circulation where applied.

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It also helps reduce muscle stiffness and swelling in tender joints without any side effects. This hand-held infrared wand has a high and low-temperature setting that produces safe low-level light to soothe minor muscle and joint pain. Chisoft Infrared Heating Massager uses infrared rays which work their way deep into tight muscles or joints to alleviate pain. 

The infrared heating device is perfect for temperate and cold climates, and especially when the winter months bring the winter aches and pains with them. You can simply plug it in, relax, and enjoy the warm massaging sensation anytime you want.

Easily place this device on painful knees and soothe away joint pain in hands. Get The Healing Properties of Infrared Light right in your hand palm today

Major Benefits And Advantages Of The Hand-Held Far Infrared Heating Wand

Helps relieve topical pain, also helps prevent it from coming back.

Great for temporarily relief from arthritis during cold climates.

No mess or greasiness unlike creams and tinctures.

Effective for both joint and muscle pain.

 Frequently used in clinics, hospitals, and wellness centers to relieve pain and loosen stiff muscles.

It works well because heat from infrared light penetrates deep into the body, unlocking its innate ability to heal itself.

When stimulated by infrared heat, blood vessels dilate and allows increased blood flow. That allows the flow of more nutrients and oxygen into the targeted area of the body, promoting healing and repair, in addition to flushing away more toxins and waste material than usual.

Best Features That Make The Infrared Heat Device Machine At The Top Of The List

Heating by infrared light is commonly used by physical therapists helping patients recover from injuries, and is very effective in steadily relieving stiff, painful muscles and joints. With the ChiSoft Infrared Heating Massager, you can now enjoy that same therapeutic healing power in the comforts of your own home.

Infrared light is invisible light that the body feels as heat.

Select High or Low-Temperature setting that produces safe low-level.

 The ChiSoft Infrared Heating Massager is a handheld device with an infrared bulb on one end.

Infrared heat penetrates deep into the skin – up to 3.5 inches in – stimulating micro-circulation and promoting faster and more complete healing.

Used just like a regular handheld massager, using the end to knead tired and aching muscles.

When the bulb is turned on, the devices combines healing infrared heat with the massaging action.

Why Is This Different From Generic Models?

Your infrared heating device will come with a replacement bulb, and more replacement bulbs are also available for purchase. Like most handheld devices, the ChiSoft Infrared Heating wand is meant to be used as an important part of a complete regimen for a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise and plenty of rest.

Best of all, the infrared heating massager is designed for home use. You no longer need to pay $80 to $100 for a massage or heat therapy session, only to get half the benefits. It's safe and easy to use and is non-invasive.

What's more, you won't have to deal with any greasiness after the treatment.

Regular use will result in better health, cleaner blood, improved general wellness, stronger immunity, and more pain-free days at work and home. You'll get to enjoy more out of life, doing more of what you like and spending more time with the people who matter. 

Keep In Mind

  1. Do not apply this heating device to abdominal or lumbosacral points in pregnant females
  2. Do not us this device to children
  3. Do not use this heating device if you have the pacemaker
  4. Do not apply infrared light over the thyroid gland, ovaries, and testicles
  5. Do not apply infrared light to patients who are taking drugs that have heat or light sensitive contraindications, such as but not limited to certain types of steroids


Dimension: 190 x 80 x 60mm
Wavelength: 7000A
Input: 110V/220V
Power: 7W 

Package Includes

- infrared massager

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