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ReVive Light Therapy Anti-Aging Red Light Therapy Device (Large)

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Achieve Radiant Looking Skin With The Anti-Aging LED Light

Revive Light Therapy Anti-aging

Don’t you hate it when your face makes facial expressions that you did not intend because of the wrinkles and fine lines? People who suffer from aging skin have a sad look on their face while others may have an angry look. Having a prematurely aged skin may also cause you not go to work because you are not happy with how you look and in fear of how others may think of you.

Wrinkles and fine lines around your mouth and eyes are caused by several reasons among them being the natural aging, too much exposure to the sun’s Ultra-Violet rays such as tanning beds and even smoking. Regardless of the cause, having your skin look older than you age can not only be embarrassing but goes a long way in reducing tour overall confidence and self-esteem and even make you avoid family events or social situations.

This directly causes an adverse impact on your quality of life and in some cases can be detrimental as UV radiation when unchecked can cause skin cancer and eventual total skin damage.

We comprehend the annoyance and non-confidence, and that’s the reason we bring you the all new Anti-Aging Led Light Therapy (Clinical) which not only reverses thin lines and wrinkles but gives your skin that plump look which brings back your youthful look and boosts your confidence.

Many consumers have been advised by their physicians to order the Anti-Ageing LED Light (Clinical). Let’s have a look at this gadget and see why and how you should have it on your ‘to buy’ items.


Top 10 Attractive Benefits That Bring Back Youthfulness with Blue LED Light Therapy Device

This Anti-Ageing light therapy is a proven solution that makes the skin feel and look younger clinically. From the Inside out, it reverses wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness, collagen production, fine lines, uneven skin tone and skin dullness.

Revive Light Anti-aging Therapy

Reversal of fine lines, wrinkles and improved skin texture after eight weeks of daily use.

Improved skin quality due to the treatment of rhytoids, scarring, rosacea, and eczema. When the LED is administered to the face, a chemical called cytokine is produced by the skin cells that plump the problem areas and heal the skin.

Mild to moderate to acne elimination by the blue light therapy. Blue LED light in the wavelengths of 415 to 420nm has been proved to kill propionibacterium acnes, significantly reducing the occurrence of blemishes and whiteheads in people suffering from this type of acne.

Skin rejuvenation. At the right dosage LED treatment can minimize the appearance of skin blood vessels, reduce skin redness eliminate ultraviolet radiation damage and treat rosacea.

Aging signs prevention, the LED green light therapy, when administered between 510 to 520nm, has proven to reduce freckling, eliminate sunspots and correct hyperpigmentation. The light also focusses on the melanin producing cells preventing them from excessive pigment creation.

The infrared LED therapy has been shown to be useful in pain alleviation by treating arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle strains and back pains.

Triggers cells to start creating more cellular energy in the form of ATP and therefore increasing RNA and DNA activity.

Promote the production of Nitric acid (NO) by the body which has been shown an anti-inflammatory, regenerative and pain reducing effects on the human body that can promote healing.


Enhanced Simple To Use Features That Work Miracles for Premature Aging and Wrinkles on Your Skin

LED therapy device provides a priceless solution as an alternative to getting the best from cosmetics. The human skin has a fantastic ability to absorb light energy to trigger the cells in producing more fuel in the form of ATP, enhancing their performance and allowing them to do what they do naturally, but on a better rate. Some people have been frustrated by the use of cosmetics sold over the counter, and this is where the anti-aging LED light clinical therapy comes to play.

 Battery operated to enable ease of use.
 Ergonomically engineered for easy use.
 The decrease of treatment time to three minutes per day of the treatment area due to the medical grade light intensity.
 Construction with polycarbonate causing.
 Come with a reverse light therapy device as a standard.
 Comes with an instruction user manual.
 Proper fit and added comfort.

The device is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration and is an over the counter class II medical device. It is also an excellent medical grade LED anti-ageing medical device which covers a large treatment surface.


How does Revive LED Light Therapy Device work?

ReVive Light Therapy Anti-Aging Red Light Therapy Device (Large)

The results are unprecedented when used for just a few minutes per day. The device contains a light intensity that’s is safe and medical grade. In the past, these levels of energy have only been attained in medical facilities under the watchful eye of physicians and dermatologists.

Your skin can be damaged severely by an increase in oxidation when collagen is damaged. Some people have used chemicals to apply on their face to make them look youthful but to no avail. This is where the anti-ageing light therapy comes into play.

Anti-aging light therapy is a noninvasive and safe solution for many ailments. Patients have shown significant improvement in their skin texture, skin elasticity, collagen production and the reversing of wrinkles and fine lines when used for a set period in a continuous manner. The LED light therapy can be used in conjunction with other treatments for increased effectiveness.


Tips And Instructional Use

How do I use it? Turn the device on by swiping your finger two times over the indented circle. Put the device lens in contact with your treatment area on your skin until it beeps for three minutes. Repeat for the designated treatment areas and then turn the device off.

  1. Wash and clean your face or treatment area
  2. Plug in the device
  3. Swipe your thumb twice on the power button to turn on the device
  4. Place the gadget over the treatment area and hold it in place for three to five minutes
  5. Repeat the procedure and shut down the device.

The Led clinical therapy uses wavelengths that are totally therapeutic. It is safe to perform the treatment sessions even on a daily basis, and most people see the outcome after continuous use. It can be utilized on a regular basis to prevent premature aging.


Keep In Mind

Whenever you are using an electrical device, taking the basic precautions are of paramount importance.

  • Keep the product away from water at all cost to avoid risk of electrocution
  • Turn off the device after use
  • Never leave the device unattended when plugged in
  • Do not shine the lights of the device into your eyes directly
  • Never use the gadget on an open wound as it may cause bleeding due to the heat
  • Don’t use the device if skin is sensitive to light or you are currently under medication.

Always contact your physician before using the device. Avoid using the device If you are pregnant, suspect to be pregnant or under medication that can cause light sensitivity. Keep the gadget away from children and do not use it on infants without your doctor’s approval.



Function: Anti-aging light therapy
Operation: Three to five minutes on every treatment area
Voltage: 110V or Battery operated 3 AA
Material: polycarbonate


Package includes

- handheld device
- ac/dc power supply
- travel Bag
- relaxation goggles
- instruction manual

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