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reVive Light Therapy Device for Acne Care (Large) - FDA Cleared

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The Best Solution for Acne Skin Care You’ll Ever Find! Your New Healthy Starts Here

Clinical Acne Treatment is world-renowned for being the best method for giving you instantly clean, clear and fantastically healthy-looking skin. The ReVive Blue LED Light Therapy device combines LED technology with gentle treatment to eliminate acne-causing bacteria for a clear and healthy complexion. The ReVive Light Therapy will guarantee you incredible results with the least amount of effort!

Benefits of Clinical Acne Therapy for At-Home Use

LED Blue Light Therapy has never been more accessible, as it is now an at-home user-friendly method of treating your beautiful skin! Use it on your skin for benefits that will leave you more than happy with the results. 98% of our users have experienced a significant reduction in acne, so you can easily rely on this new technology to bring you long-lasting, life-changing effect! Benefits of Clinical Acne Treatment include the following:

Known to reduce and prevent acne, while calming redness and inflammation of the skin

FDA-Cleared, and clinically proven to be suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin

 It has a large coverage area to increase the rate of treatment for your face

 Unlike creams that are mostly purchased to reduce acne, the Clinical Acne Treatment has no adverse effects on the skin

 The Clinical Acne Treatment clears acne and any other existing breakouts. It also prevents the fresh development of acne

 It has been designed with LED technology to reduce acne flare-ups.

 The LED light of the Clinical Acne Treatment penetrates the skin to kill the bacteria causing acne cells on your face.

 Fast and effective results; within a few days, you'll notice a dramatic difference of the complexion of your glowing, healthy-looking skin

Facial creams need to be bought time after time, and is only beneficial for the way your skin looks, as it is a topical treatment. With LED Blue Light Therapy, you’ll only ever need one to give you long-lasting results! With this device, your skin is treated for healthy skin by eliminating harmful bacteria, thus preventing future breakouts as well.

It’s the most simple and affordable FDA-cleared product in the market that comes with a two-way power supply for redundancy.

Special Features

When it comes to the provisions of the benefits mentioned above, the product has been specially designed with unique features that help to bring about the incredible results. Main features include the following:

Acne treatment LED lights that have been FDA-cleared; clinically and medically approved

 Travel-friendly, as it is lightweight and portable

Contains two power sources available for use; AC power supply and batteries

 Bundle comes with relaxation goggles for added comfort during use around the face

Designed with DPL technology to enhance efficiency in treatment

 One-year warranty

    Say goodbye to acne and hello to a healthy, clean and clear looking skin with Clinical Acne treatment

    Tips And Instructional Use

    To optimize the positive experience you’ll have with this product, we’ve included a few tips and instructional use for this device! Here is to use it:

    1. First, ensure that your face is clean. You can use facial cleansers.
    2. Power your device and place it gently on your skin.
    3. Move the device in slow circular motion on your face.
    4. Take two to four minutes with the device on your face.

    Repeat the procedure three to four times each week for the best results.

    Keep In Mind

    The LED light that is used for this type of skin therapy is part of the electromagnetic spectrum and care should be taken while using it. Be mindful when using it so that you do not damage the skin instead of destroying the bacteria. Some of the tips for measures include the following:

    • Read the instructional manual incisively to ensure proper use
    • Avoid direct contact with face
    • Unplug device from power source when not in use
    • Store the device in a cool and dry place

    The Clinical Acne Treatment has been made for the primary purposes of:

    • Clearing flare-ups
    • Preventing acne breakouts by deep penetration on the skin
    • Cause a healthy looking skin

    Package Includes

    • Travel bag for convenient portability
    • Relaxation goggles
    • AC/DC power supply
    • Instructions manual

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