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Dog Paw Wax Protection - Natural Ingredients

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Prevent and Protect Dry Cracked Dog Paw with PAWSITIVE FX Protection Wax 100% Natural

Winter season is not only difficult for humans, but it equally affects your lovely pets. Chilly weather can cause their feet bleed and crack. If you want a reliable protection for your dog in any season, you can get the advantage of dog paw protection wax strong balm PAWSITIVE FX.

It will make the paws of your dog strong and avoid chances of rashes, cracks, and bleeding.

Strong Balm can be a great choice for every pet owner to protect your pet against different elements. It works like an invisible nourishing boot for a cute pooch. With the use of dog pa protection wax, you can protect the pads of your dog in all terrains, whether salty, rocky, hot and cold.

This all-natural wax formula is good to keep their feet strong on street, forest, snow, grass and living room. This product is extremely efficient to keep the paws of your dog happy. This balm is un-matchable to heal cracked and dry paws and maintain their good health.

Benefits of Dog Paw Protection Wax Strong Balm

The PAWSITIVE FX wax balm is made of a variety of ingredients blended together for the protection of dog’s feet.

It is specially prepared to treat the rough, cracked and chapped paws and noses.

With regular use of this balm, you can moisturise the pads and manage their natural health.

All-natural ingredients of strong wax balm can protect your dog from different elements like salt, ice, snow, rocks and hot asphalt. These all elements can be damaging to the feet of your pet.

Dog paw protection balm consists of all-natural ingredients to protect heal injuries and cracks in your dog’s paw.

Keep the feet of your dog moisturised and protected in harsh weather. Make sure to clean the paw, wash it with water and use a towel to dry before applying balm. To get maximum benefits, it should be applied to the clean area.

    Special Features

    • Prevent cracks and injuries in your dog’s paw. Make sure to use this balm in the winter season.
    • Formulated with all-natural ingredients for maximum protection in salty, rocky, cold and hot terrain.
    • A unique blend of oils and waxes are available at PAWSITIVE FX dog balm.
    • Dogs are habitual to lick their paws; therefore, use a PAWSITIVE FX balm to keep them strong. This balm can make their feet strong to explore street, snow, grass, and forest.
    • Give a nutritious boost to your dog. This wax is grease for the protection of dog’s pad in every terrain.
    • Prevent the chances of cracked, peeling, rough, chapped and dry paws in extreme weather conditions. It is good for the treatment of their dry elbow and scars.
    • This all natural and cruelty-free balm is made in Canada and proved good for your dog.
    • Made of special waxes and oils, such as beeswax, carnauba wax, lavender essential oils.

    Why is it Better than General Models?

    In harsh winter, your dog needs proper protection from cracks and bleeding. The dog paw protection wax strong balm PAWSITIVE FX can be a great protection for your dog because of its all-natural ingredients. It is made of healthy oils and waxes, such as beeswax, candelilla wax, carnauba wax, coconut oil, lavender essential oil and sunflower oil. These ingredients offer a great protection for your dog against external elements. 


    If you need an ideal protection for the paws of your pet, you can get the advantage of dog paw protection wax strong balm PAWSITIVE FX. This wax balm is good for dogs in all seasons. This wax will keep their paws strong and avoid infection while walking in street, forest, and grass. You can combine this product with Happy Paw to improve their paw’s health.

    The balm is available in pocket size tubes to easily store in your drawers. You can use often and use as per your needs. To get maximum advantage of balm, use it within 18 months of opening. You can directly apply this balm to the broken skin of your pet. This balm is for dogs only so avoid using on other pets like cats. After applying the balm, keep paws of your dog away from carpets or light-colored fabrics to avoid standing.

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