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Dog Balm 3-Pack Variety Tins - Recover Nose and Paw

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Prevent and Protect Dry Cracked Dog Paw with PAWSITIVE FX Protection Wax 100% Natural made for All Types of Dog Breeds

Dogs are cuddly, cute and wonderful bundles of joy, they provide a sense of companionship and comfort to their owners and are one of the most popularly kept pets in the world. Apart from being pets, another reason dogs are preferable animals is their sense of smell which makes them useful in several areas especially for security purposes.

There are different types of dog breeds from German Shepherds to the family oriented Golden Retrievers, with various ages from puppies to adulthood and they deserves some tender love and care. The best thing that most dogs will take pride in is their sense of smell. The dog’s sense of smell is more powerful than the human scent which has only about 5 million scent glands compared to the dog’s 125 to 300 million scent glands. A dog’s nose is his most significant gift and navigating tool, hence it is paramount to ensure that their scent glands receive the best care.

Benefits of Dog Paw Wax Protection Moisturizer Strong Balm Commonly Used for Small Medium Large Dogs

Happy PawsTM: Your pup’s pads also need to be cared for which is why you need Happy Paws. Happy Paws. is perfect for caring for your dog’s pad. Its main constituents are natural ingredients, so this way, it is guaranteed that your dog will suffer no chemical irritation. The balm is made to soothe your pet’s rough, cracked, dry or chapped paws. The balm is made of natural ingredients which include: beeswax, grape seed oil, apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter, tea tree oil and many more. With this balm, your pet will recover in no time and lead to conquering the world on its feet. With this balm, your pet gets perfect paws. All you have to do is smooth this balm on your pooch’s toes regularly. It moisturizes and maintains the paw as well as avoids irritation.

Strong PawsTM: while moving, your dog is liable to meet with several difficulties at some time, which is why your dog needs protection. The wax is a nourishing boot for your favorite pet. The wax is made with beeswax, sunflower oil, carnuba oil, candelilla oil, organic virgin coconut oil and lavender essential oil. Strong PawsTM is the best wax for your pup’s pad in all weather, whether hot, cold, salty or rocky, it will keep their feet as solid as possible when they move about. It even gets better when it is used with Happy PawsTM, it gives a fine and excellent finish.

Happy SnoutsTM: Happy snout is an organic product formulated with only natural ingredients. Happy Snout is a combination of different ingredients which makes a fine balm. Its ingredients include candalilla wax, kukui nut oil, Jojoba oil, vitamin E, rosemary extract, and sweet almond oil amongst others. Mainly made of natural ingredients, this product will provide soothe and soft cure for dry, cracked or chapped nostrils best. It is created to have no scent in order not to subdue your pooch’s olfactory senses

Treatment Prevention for Dry Cracked Dog Paws Best for all Season Weather

Formulated with all-natural ingredients for maximum protection in salty, rocky, cold and hot terrain.
A unique blend of oils and waxes are available at PAWSITIVE FX dog balm.
Dogs are habitual to lick their paws; therefore, use a PAWSITIVE FX balm to keep them strong. This balm can make their feet strong to explore street, snow, grass, and forest.
Give a nutritious boost to your dog. This wax is grease for the protection of dog’s pad in every terrain.
Prevent the chances of cracked, peeling, rough, chapped and dry paws in extreme weather conditions. It is good for the treatment of their dry elbow and scars.
This all natural and cruelty-free balm is made in Canada and proved good for your dog.
Made of special waxes and oils, such as beeswax, carnauba wax, lavender essential oils.

Why is it Better than General Models because it is made with Natural Ingredients and will Treat your Dog Sores!

There are a variety of products that can help you improve your dog’s scent glands but the 2oz. variety pack is one with a difference. It is guaranteed to give the best result as it is finely made to sooth the best needs of dogs. 

These products are made with natural ingredients and are easy to store. They are made in portable sizes so you can easily carry them along whenever you are going out with your pooch. They are the best combination for a happy dog and a better companion.

Want to reward your dog for its love, and attention? The 2 oZ. Tins variety pack is a perfect way, your dog will love it!

Try this product today and give your pets paw the love it deserves!

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