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Must have wine list to savor your wine in the best way

July 04, 2016

Are you a wine lover who wants to maximize the best flavor of your wine?







Again, you don't need to be a wine connoisseur to appreciate wine at its best. Choosing the right set of wine tools, you can enhance your wine experience just like pro. So I am going to explain to you here how drink like an expert.Whether you are beginner or wine drinker for many years using the right wine tools does make it difference. Enjoying a glass of wine and savoring its true flavors is not necessarily confined to the true wine expert.


Why You Need Wine Tools To Enjoy Drinking Wine

Although it is possible to drink wine without these accessories, you will find it pretty hard if you are wine enthusiast. Just as it is important to know about selecting the best wine, you should also know about selecting the appropriate wine accessories.

When you have spent plenty of money and effort in finding the right wine, it will be best if you have the precise tools that maximize your experience. Wine tools such as corkscrews, wine stoppers etc. serve to enhance the pleasure of every sip of wine you take. Without doubt your wine will taste wonderful when you open, pour and store it the right manner.

Here is a list of bare essentials you need to stock up to make your wine drinking experience easier and enjoyable. So, let’s see the tool list


Corkscrew is the classic wine opener that almost everyone prefers to use. It helps to remove the cork easily. While having a handy corkscrew seems a given thing, having the right quality and type of corkscrew matters a lot. When choosing the right bottle opener, be hasty with the features such as these: Ask yourself is it easy to use? Does it fit with any bottle size? And is it made with stainless durable steel material?

The wine opener of your choice should be efficient and reliable at all times. There's more factors you should consider when buying a wine open but these are just the top 3 on the list.                                                       


Waiter’s corkscrew: This is the standard and oldest wine opener used in homes and restaurants. The device has a main body, blade and worm.

Air Pressure wine opener: This device has a needle, which is inserted into the cork. A tiny carbon dioxide cartridge gives the exact pressure needed to pop the cork.

You can open around 100 bottles with an opener. This is used, when you need several bottles opened quickly.

Lever/rabbit style Corkscrew:  This device has two handles, which wrap the bottle neck and a lever connected to worm. You need to just push and pull to remove the cork

Electric model: With a single push button movement you can release the cord.

Twist corkscrew: This has a mechanism which twists worm inside cork to remove it.


This is a glass container with a long and slender neck and wide bottom designed to increase surface exposure of wine, so it can react with air and increase its flavor

Here are the advantages of using a decanter

  • Decanter is needed, especially if the wine has sediments.
  • It aerates the wine and balances the acidity, alcohol and sugar content of the wine softening the tannins to improve flavor.
  • Decanting gets rid of foul smelling sulfur fumes

Although aerating can be done by re-corking the wine bottle and shaking it after you open, it is not as classy as the decanter. Further this is just for young wines of about 5 years. Don’t try this on older wines which have sediments or are light sensitive.

Bottle Stopper

If you intend to preserve your wine for longer time an air tight seal is necessary to protect the freshness and age of the leftover wine. With a good bottle stopper, you need not drink more wine than necessary just because you cannot store it. Wine bottle stoppers serve several purposes.

It's to preserve leftover or unconsumed wine, prevent spills from a bottle after it is opened, provide a perfect seal, And it should fit securely. 

Different types of wine stoppers are present including the Rabbit Pump stopper, Doctor’s Intelli Stopper etc.

While you may think that it is easier to replace the cork it does not have the same seal as before and sometimes it may break. This leads to spoiling of the wine.

So this is an important tool in your wine accessory kit. Choose the stoppers with silicone body, as it reduces oxygen rate when air enters the bottle ensuring longer preservation of the wine’s quality.

The stoppers are dishwasher safe, so it is easy to cleanup, as it is for drinking.

Wine Pourers

Wine pourers are the most complicated of all pourers, as they are created to aerate wine as it is poured. And they prevent spills, with their shape making it easy to pour wine into a glass.

Some features of a good wine pourer has these specific qualities:

  • Provides air tight seal
  • Easy to grip
  • No drips while pouring
  • Fits nearly all types of bottles

Some wine pourers are designed with stoppers to preserve the unconsumed wine.

Wine Thermometer

Wine tastes best, when it is served at exactly the right temperature. A wine thermometer lets you serve your vintage wine perfectly.

Whether it is warm or cold wine you need, the handy tool is available in different models from the basic glass thermometer to digital gadgets that show temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. 

Here is a short guide on identifying the right temperature of your wine:

  • Full bodied white wine- 50-55 F
  • Light bodied red wine-55-60 F
  • Medium bodied to full red wine-60-65 F
  • Sparkling and dessert varieties-40-45 F
  • Light bodied to medium white wines- 45-50 

The thermometer may take a few minutes to identify the temperature of the wine.

Wine Glass

The stemware you buy depends on how you handle, clean and store the glasses. For instance, crystal stemware is very difficult to maintain, especially if you don’t have safe areas which are not accessible by kids.We saved the wine glass for the last. While you may think there isn’t much to dither about when selecting the wine glass, there are several considerations such as. Keep in mind the size of glass, shape, type of wine, and obviously glass quality. To have an easy and stress free maintenance, opt for glassware or crystal glasses without stem. These can go in your dishwasher without any qualms about their safety.

Selecting the best wine and building your collection is not the only thing that matters. To enjoy wine fully and explore its flavors having the above accessories is essential. You will realize by the above list how much influence the tools have in tasting your wine.

These tools add enjoyment to your wine and you will start opening, pouring and storing it with panache as a connoisseur does. Further when you have spent so much money and time on your collection, having the perfect tools to enjoy the wine will certainly make the experience even more spectacular.

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