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Why choose Eye Massagers?

November 16, 2016

We have all experienced eye fatigue caused by extensive use of computers or from long periods of driving, studying, and watching TV. Sleeping can reduce eye fatigue but during the day, most of us don’t have the time or luxury to be able to sleep at our leisure.

A practical alternative to relieving eye fatigue is the Eye Massager. The eye massager can alleviate eye fatigue caused by computer use, driving, watching TV, and reading.

An eye massager is lightweight, portable, easy to use, and inexpensive. It can be used anytime at home, at work, or during travel. Simply wrap the eye pad around your eyes and head with the Velcro strap and press the power button to receive a soothing air pressure or vibration massage on the eyes. Some eye massagers can also emit heat to improve blood circulation in the eyes. Enjoy ultimate eye relaxation with an eye massager!


How does an Eye massager work for You?

With advances in massage technology, eye massagers feature many different settings for massage type, massage intensity, heat level, and negative ion emission.

Scientific studies have shown that negative ions can improve metabolism, relieve fatigue, and make your eyes feel invigorated and refreshed.

Traditional Chinese medicine uses heat therapy to help enhance blood circulation. Heat therapy for eyes can improve blood circulation in the eye, and relax the eye muscles immediately.

The human touch finger massage around your eyes is simulated by the different air pressure modes of an eye massager. This air pressure enhances blood circulation in your eyes, which alleviates eye tension and fatigue right away.

Diversified vibration massage modes will allow you to enjoy a relaxing and soothing experience in the eyes.

Vita Activate is the place

Browse through our Vita activate Store has different Massagers which will give your eyes all of the above benefits. We take our eyes for granted but when we encounter eye problems, we realize how important our eyes are. Treat your eyes with care and give your eyes a break with an eye massager.

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