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10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Whey Proteins

March 02, 2018

“Oh, the biceps? I got them from whey protein supplements. You should try them too.” That is probably the most common argument you would get from a gym buff whenever you ask them about whey protein supplements.

But are they really effective? Are they actually helping in muscle building? The blind side is that, most people who have been using them may have just known them from the internet because the gym hype told them so.

In this blog post, we will give a detailed 10 reasons on why you should not use whey protein. An important section of this post is dedicated to the discussion of probable alternatives that you might want to consider checking after reading this.

What is whey protein?

If you are someone who goes for regular workout, you may have even drank whey protein shakes because of recommendation from fellow workout geeks. Whey protein supplements or whey protein powders are composed of globular proteins. These types of proteins are usually the by-products when cheese is produced.


This is not to say that cheese and other dairy products are bad for you. The point is, whey proteins have too much concentrated protein which is actually bad for you. Remember, too much of anything does not always lead to good things.

Because of good marketing strategy, whey protein is no longer just used by strength trainers and bodybuilders but also among people who are really health conscious. This is because marketing makes us believe that whey protein absorbs fat and that they are good substitutes for actual protein-rich food like eggs and meat among others.

You may have given up that steak slab or your favorite omelet only to find out that whey proteins are not what they seem to be. They may have adverse effects in the long run which you might not be aware of at this point. They are not the ultimate health food starting with these ten reasons.

Ten reasons why you should start saying no to whey protein


  • 1. Whey protein gives imbalanced nutrition supply

  • A good diet plan encourages that we take in meals that will supply us with a balanced nutrition. This means that in every meal, we should get every bit of everything. You should not use whey protein because it is basically a processed food supplement with high protein concentration.

    Replacing meals with protein shakes or smoothies deprive you of the nutritional components of regular meals. You will get a disproportionate distribution of the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs. The harsh fact? This could lead to serious conditions like cardiovascular diseases.

      2. Whey protein causes weight instability

        Ever heard of the gut microbiota? So the body has this internal weight monitoring unit called gut microbiota. This is in-charge of setting metabolism points to allow the body to resist dramatic weight changes when there are too much or too little dietary components like carbohydrates and protein.

        Whey protein is not that very dependable in its promise of muscle gain or weight loss because it has excess calories and not so healthy additives. Taking a calorie test would prove to you that you actually gained weight instead of losing them. If you are to use them for muscle gain, you should drastically change your workout routine to heavy lifting so that you will be able to keep up with the calorie input of whey proteins. Think about it, have you been doing it right?

          3. Whey protein can make you more prone to acne

            Acne is known to be popularly caused by bad skin hygiene and the multiplication of dirt and black heads. But whey protein, little did you know, may also have a hand on this if you have been drinking whey protein powders for quite some time now.

            We have already mentioned the gut microbiota. Since whey protein destabilizes its operation to set metabolism points, inflammation may ensue. Another explanation why whey protein can cause acne is that it can potentially increase sebum production since you have more than enough peptides in the body. Estrogen and insulin may also be overproduced which also causes acne.

            The most badass thing whey protein can contribute in the formation of acne is it may have heavy metal components such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury. Yes you have read that right. So the next time you blame it on dirt and pollutants, think again if you have been drinking whey protein shakes.


              4. Whey proteins are giving you more insulin than what you need


            • Your whey protein shakes may not be that worth it after all. Whey proteins are insulinogenic. There is a wide range of researches saying that there are serious adverse effects of having excess insulin in the body. Whey protein then gives exposes you to more chances of suffering from Alzheimer’s, coronary heart diseases and eye conditions such as myopia.
              • 5. Whey protein causes calcium loss and leads to digestive problems

                  Think about milk and eggs. They are not just protein-rich but are also calcium-rich. Whey proteins give loads and loads of protein which diminishes calcium production. How is that possible? Whey proteins stimulate increased acid production. This poses severe reduction in your calcium level and a serious blow to your bone structure.

                  Aside from this, you also become prone to kidney and digestive problems. These are
                  • Stomach cramps
                  • Constipation
                  • Bloating
                  • Acid reflux

                  It does not get any better does it?

                    6. Whey protein may contain secret ingredients

                      If you have noticed, whey protein products rarely have a complete list of ingredients on the label. Should they have, you would already know that they contain carcinogenic heavy metals like the ones mentioned and a high level of MSG.

                      Because they are not that well regulated (since you see them everywhere and they always make it to the pharmaceutical shelves), they may also contain unnatural ingredients that may promote sugar cravings and therefore fat gain.
                        7. You don’t really need a post work-out protein drink or bar.

                          Enticed of whey protein after workout because they are said to build muscles? Not entirely true. Contrary to the claim that whey proteins should be taken every after workout because it increases fat absorption is an argument you should totally scrap out.

                          Every heard of the anabolic window? That is something science and medicine have proven to exist. Whey protein marketers always use this term to promote the product but the truth to it is that the anabolic window sets an hour before and an hour after workout as the time span for fast fat absorption.

                          So it is not a must for you to drink protein shakes after workout. The anabolic window welcomes all type of god protein rich foods.

                          The other three reasons?

                            8. Whey protein is not FDA regulated.
                            9. Whey protein has more bad effects to the human body than good.
                            10. Whey protein has misled you in many ways.

                            Are there alternatives for whey proteins?

                            The answer is a resounding yes and not just basic alternative but natural, organic alternatives. The good news about these whey protein alternatives is that they are also now widely sold in the market. One of the most recommended is hemp seeds.

                            Hemp seeds are better alternatives for the following reasons:

                            • It is safe for intake because it is 100% plant-based.
                            • It is stomach-friendly and very easy to digest.
                            • It does not have artificial flavors and harmful chemical components.
                            • It is allergen free.
                            • It contains essential vitamins and minerals needed for the healthy functioning of the body.
                            • It contains all the twenty one amino acids that the body needs but cannot produce.
                            • It has no added preservatives.

                            If you are one who is desperate and willing to get these natural alternatives to whey proteins, we are giving you these handpicked choices from VitActivate that you will surely enjoy mixing into your smoothies and drinks any time soon. And not just for post work-out drinks but at any given time.


                            Natera Hemp Protein 369 (Chocolate Banana)

                            Natera Hemp Protein 369 is a good choice that comes with great taste. It is super versatile when it comes to its uses. You can blend it with your drinks and you can even use it in in baking your favorite pastries and in cooking the best breakfast pancake with its chocolate and banana flavor.


                            • Packed with essential omega fatty acids for healthy muscle building and toning.
                            • Packed with essential amino acids which boost immune system.
                            • Contains a healthy dose of dietary fiber to stabilize blood sugar.
                            • Made from 100% organic ingredients such as banana, hemp seed hearts, ginseng root and natural chocolate flavor.

                            Natera Hemp Protein 369 (Dark Chocolate)

                            • Contains dark chocolate which is good for the heart
                            • Contains dietary fiber
                            • Especially good for athletes
                            • Vegan and non-vegan friendly
                            • Packed with highly digestible proteins
                            Natera Hemp Protein Blackberry and Pomegranate


                            • Carbohydrate free
                            • No added sugar and trans fat
                            • Supplies the right amount and cholesterol in the body
                            • Naturally sweet with longer shelf life

                            Natera Hemp Protein 369 (Vanilla Caramel)


                            • Contains superior omega fatty acids.
                            • Improves immune system.
                            • Offers a balanced dose of fiber and sugar.
                            • Boosts energy for active lifestyle.

                            Natera Organic Hemp Protein Powder

                            The organic label in this product is as true as it gets. It comes from hemp seed remains after they have been extracted for oil. After the fat is extracted, the seed-cake goes through milling until it reaches a 50% protein concentration.


                            • No added preservatives and artificial sweeteners.
                            • Plant-based source of complete proteins.
                            • Gives 15% of protein per serving for weight loss and maintenance diet plans.
                            • Supplies one-third of the daily fiber dose needs of the body.
                            • Helps in improving bone density, cardiovascular and digestive health with everyday use.
                            • Can be used as a healthier ingredient to baked products and to protein drinks.
                            • Accredited safe.

                            What if I completely stray out of protein powders, are there also VitActivate alternatives?

                            Yes. Although not as fine as organic powdered proteins, you can also enjoy the same health benefits from the following products. You can use them as sprinkles to your salad or mix them onto your pastry batter for an added nutty and chewy texture.

                            Alternatives 2

                            Natera Organic Hemp Seed Hearts


                            • Packed with loads of vitamins and minerals per serving like calcium, carotene, zinc, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, D and E.
                            • A well balanced source of dietary fiber and protein.
                            • Naturally sweet and nutty (comparable to sunflower seeds).
                            • Plant-based protein supplement.
                            • Perfect 3:1 balance between Omega 6 and Omega 3.
                            • Helps reduce heart diseases, PMS and menopause syndromes and even arthritis.

                            Organic Toasted Hemp Seeds


                            • Contains 9grams of insoluble fiber (which are normally found in the skin of fruits, vegetables and nuts).
                            • Supplies 31% of the recommended dose of everyday fiber.
                            • Helps regulate the digestive system to promote weight loss.
                            • Naturally low in sugar.
                            • Have less than 10% carbohydrates.
                            • 100% organic, plant-based with no added preservatives.

                            Organic Hemp Protein Plus Fiber


                            • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar.
                            • Plant-based supply of complete proteins.
                            • Contains 120g of calories and 44% of the recommended dose of everyday fiber.
                            • Gives 25% of the required dose of iron per day.
                            • Naturally lactose-free and gluten-free.
                            • No added preservatives and artificial sweeteners.


                            See? There are other ways in which you could aid your muscle building without prescribing to the hype of whey proteins. We find it very important that you get to know about the not-so-talked-about side of whey proteins so you can consider healthier alternatives.

                            Stop compromising your health in the long run. It is high time for you to switch to organic protein supplements like the Natera products by VitActivate that will not only help you with your body goals but will also benefit you in sustaining the needed mineral servings that your body needs.


                            There is no stopping to what we will try to get that perfect bod and there may still be unexplored reasons as to why it is time to banish that whey protein powder away and for good. The best thing to at this moment is to really find time and be knowledgeable enough of what goes in to your body whether or not they food supplements or just regular workout shakes or smoothies people told you about.

                            You can go on and on convincing yourself that using whey protein powder is okay because of that grown-man muscles that it promises. But appearance and muscles are not everything that will matter in the end when the adverse effects start occurring. So what are you waiting for? Get into real action with healthier protein powder and protein based products now.

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