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Why Should You Switch to Vegan Protein?

May 06, 2018

A lot of people have the misconception that vegan diets won’t be able to provide enough protein for the body. They think that the only way you can feed your muscles with protein is by consuming meat. However, with proper planning, you can achieve a sufficient amount of protein from plant-based foods.

The transition to plant-based diet and supplements provides numerous benefits for the body. In fact, there are a lot of natural and complete proteins available for vegans which is why you need to understand which foods will help you sustain your diet. Knowing which food sources are protein-rich can help you work and manage your nutritional plan more effectively.

Your diet should include rice, beans, and legumes to help compensate your vegan protein diet. A lot of plant-based protein powders such as the Natera Hemp Protein can help you get the right amount of protein to sustain your overall health. It provides a number of benefits such as higher energy levels, faster metabolism, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, reduced food cravings, and improved immune system.

Vegan protein powders aren’t just intended for individuals who are going on a meatless diet plan. It’s also suitable for active people who want to limit the amount of their dairy intake. A lot of athletes are into vegan protein supplements because they help maintain a cleaner lifestyle. At the same time, vegan protein can help athletes lose weight and build muscles without encountering any digestive problems.

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider switching to a vegan protein diet. Here are some:

    1. Help reduce digestive stress.

      A lot of individuals who are on a diet usually start with protein shakes. However, it may mess up their digestive system. Most dairy-based proteins often come with side effects.

      Some may experience signs of being bloated or gassy which may be caused by the amount of dairy they are consuming on a daily basis. Whey protein powder is an example of a dairy-based diet and has the tendency to cause side effects especially to individuals who are sensitive to dairy ingredients.

      Many athletes consume at least one to four protein shakes a day which can cause digestive stress. This symptom is common and regardless of its quality, it will always contain lactose. Thus, it’s important to make sure that you are using a product that is free from allergens and is easy for the stomach to digest.

      One of the most complete protein supplements is soy but may contain allergens. Meanwhile, rice protein is considered hypoallergenic but incomplete. However, it is often used in combination with other plant-based supplements.

      For individuals who have acid reflux, vegan or plant-based protein powders are more suitable for them because it is alkaline forming. Whey and casein proteins tend to enhance acid problems.

      One of the benefits of consuming vegan-based food sources is that it significantly enhances a healthy digestive system. A plant-based diet means consuming fruits and veggies that are packed with fiber-rich ingredients which naturally aid in the body’s digestion process.

      Anyone can greatly benefit from a healthy digestive system, especially athletes. If you want to see best results from your workout, you need to be able to have a well-balanced digestive system. Otherwise, you’ll be exercising with a bloated or gassy stomach. At the same time, poor digestion equals to a weak immune system that is prone to acquiring fatigue and various types of diseases.

        2. Aids in weight loss.

          A lot of protein powders in the market provide huge muscle gains. However, protein powders and supplements can also assist in weight loss programs. It boosts the body’s metabolism and reduces cravings.

          The body’s protein intake can help improve the macronutrient balance. In fact, the more protein you take, the lesser carbs and fats your body receives. Protein provides optimal consummation per calorie intake compared to carbs and fats.

          When you’re trying to lose weight, protein becomes a viable nutrient as it speeds up your body’s metabolism. You’ll need protein to break down more calories which is why it is significant in weight loss programs.

            3. Provides variety to your diet.

              Consuming vegan protein supplements helps you diversify your diet. It also simply means that you are getting your protein fix from multiple sources.

              Most of the time, we get our protein from meat and dairy products such as animals and eggs which are often exposed to chemicals and antibiotics. This means our health is exposed to the same substances on a daily basis unless you are committed to consuming grass-fed animals and meat that costs a lot.

              If you want to follow a diet plan that doesn’t involve ingesting harmful chemicals, a vegan protein diet is your best option. When you diversify your diet, it also constitutes to adding more vitamins and minerals that are not present in most protein foods. Hence, a lot of vegan protein sources contain probiotics, fatty acids, and fiber-rich ingredients.

                4. Improves joint health.

                  Switching to a vegan diet can significantly improve your joint movement. At the same time, it also helps reduce symptoms of arthritis.

                  Apparently, there are specific types of meat and dairy foods that are capable of causing inflammation and swelling in the body. Having said, athletes are fully aware that any signs of inflammation, discomfort, and pain can negatively affect their training and workout routine. Therefore minimal intake of dairy and meat products can contribute to the improvement of joint mobility.

                    5. Enhances cardiovascular health.

                      One of the most fatal illnesses is caused by cardiovascular disease. In the U.S., most Americans are killed by heart disease compared to other types of sickness.

                      The good thing about vegan protein diet is that it is low in cholesterol as well as saturated fats. Hence, it generally improves an individual’s heart health, boosts faster recovery, and sustains longer endurance. If you want to improve your cardiovascular health, switching to a vegan protein diet is the way to go.

                        6. Good for the environment.

                          A lot of consumers are also converting to sustainable products and solutions to help maintain a clean and healthy environment. Animal agriculture is one of the most controversial problems in the environment.

                          As a responsible consumer, we should be conscious of our choices when it comes to selecting the products we purchase and use. A plant-based diet can improve the negative effects of industrial agriculture in our society. This way, we aren’t just thinking about ourselves anymore. Instead, we are helping sustain a better environment for all.

                            7. Other benefits.

                              There are a lot more benefits you can gain from switching to a vegan protein diet. For starters, it reduces soreness in your body. As mentioned above, it can also minimize signs of inflammation and pain.

                              Some plant-based supplements such as soy offer preventive measures against chronic degenerative diseases while enhancing a healthy cholesterol level. Aside from soy, there are many other options you can choose such as pea protein, rice, and hemp including the Natera Hemp Protein 369 which helps our body attain the right amount of daily nutrients it needs to sustain the proper functioning of our body.

                              Why Switch?

                              If you are experiencing any signs of digestive problems or you don’t see the effects of your training, you should consider switching to a vegan protein diet. You can start slowly so that your body can gradually adjust to the changes.

                              Eventually, you’ll start seeing the transformations in your body, appearance, and lifestyle. All you have to do is be open to the idea of change and you’ll witness better results first-hand.

                              More and more individuals are consciously making the switch to a healthier lifestyle. Even athletes are jumping ship and raving on the benefits of a vegan protein diet. People are becoming aware not only of the numerous health benefits it presents but also the sustainability factor.

                              Serious athletes who are on the vegan protein diet are already showing everyone how effective it is. At the same time, they are proving that a plant-based diet can help sustain their energy while providing a balanced nutrition.

                              Transitioning to Vegan Protein Diet

                              First, you should educate yourself on the practices of consuming plant-based food and supplements. Being prepared with all the necessary information can help you transition better to the vegan lifestyle. Understanding the benefits can significantly add to your motivation to pursue your new nutritional plan.

                              Identify the types of food sources you need in order to replenish your body’s nutrients and sustain your energy levels. Familiarize yourself with the ingredients. Always be on the lookout for plant-based products and vegan-friendly restaurants in the neighborhood.

                              Seek support from other people who are also practicing a vegan protein diet. Start incorporating more plant-based foods into your meals such as beans, legumes, seeds, nuts, tofu, and whole grains among many others. Once your body gets used to it, you should also learn to prepare vegan-inspired recipes and dishes to spice up the menu. Get rid of milk and use a non-dairy alternative drink such as soy.

                              There are many ways you can switch to a vegan protein diet. The trick is to experiment and find the best option that suits your preference and taste best.

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