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The Best Ways to Use UTK Heating Pads for Pain Relief: A Guide

October 24, 2018


The most common first aid to relieve pain due to draining physical activities or due to unprecedented injury would be hot compress. The traditional way of applying hot compress would of course be dipping a face towel on lukewarm water and pressing the warm fabric on the wound. This traditional first aid was revolutionized by the existence of heating pads. Giving hot compress was made easy by just sticking the heating pads on the painful area.

Heating pads now the to-go-to device for hot compress have also elevated in terms of variety. The problem with ordinary heating pads bought from the drugstore is that it only heats up the air surrounding the pained skin surface but does not actually have the penetrating power to soothe muscles or bones.

The penetrating capacity of the heat is the one people are after. The heat coming from these pads are known to give relief to a lot of common ailments like arthritis and rheumatism. And in more painful instances like these, infrared heating pads instead of just the ordinary heating pad can truly help.

What are Infrared Heating Pads?

Infrared heating pads give outstanding relief for different kinds of physical pain because it specifically makes use of the far infrared ray heat. The most important feature of infrared heating pads is that they can apply therapeutic heat where you experience pain because they have a penetrating capacity of 2-3 inches. This means that beyond skin level, infrared heating pads could reach the painful muscles and bones that are giving you discomfort.   

Heat therapy has been used for many millennia in history specifically in Oriental healing and medicine. There are different types of infrared heating types. Like the history-old way of using heat therapy, commercially sold infrared heating pads also emit heat through stones. Some of them are made with either tourmaline or amethyst crystals enclosed in jade discs. These discs absorb and release heat as far infrared goes deep into muscle tissues. Others make use of the combination of jade pads with jade discs. Jade infrared heating pads are less expensive than the amethyst or tourmaline.

Infrared heating pads can come smaller or larger to accommodate different parts of the body. The smaller ones could be used to relieve pain in the small of your back and across the neck and shoulder area. On the other hand, you can have heat therapy for the whole body using larger infrared heating pads because you can actually lie on them.   

UTK Infrared Heating Pads

A more specific type of infrared heating pads is called the UTK infrared heating pad which is basically built upon UTK technology. It makes use of negative ions and natural jade which gives enhanced heat therapy benefits without exposing the skin to electromagnetic radiation.

The health and wellness benefits of the UTK infrared heating pad is gained through its provision of a steady pulse of heat energy.

It has great health and wellness benefits such as reducing tension, pain relief, improved blood circulation and flexibility and serves as an anti-aging technology. These mentioned benefits are made possible UTK’s bendable wraps which you can use simultaneously for other parts of the body like the leg or arm.

Pain relief caused by the UTK infrared heating pad could last up to six hours compared to the thirty minutes of ordinary heating pads. A more inclusive discussion of the healing and therapeutic benefits of UTK infrared heating pads are as follows.

  • Pain Relief
  • The UTK infrared heating pad offers a drug-free, natural and effective pain relief. Physical therapists, athletes and trainers openly advertise UTK infrared heating pad because getting rid of pain only takes five minutes. This means that the penetrative heating capacity of the heating pad causes blood vessels to expand so that oxygen rich blood rapidly flows in to heal inflammation in affected areas on a relaxing process.

    It also promotes the production of nitric acid in the body which is known to have regenerative capacity, anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing effect on the body.  

    You can count on your safety using the UTK infrared heating pad because it does not use UV rays. Other ailments that could be treated by this heating pad are bursitis, tendonitis, calf injuries, muscle spasms and even menstrual cramps so it basically has an inclusive therapeutic benefit.

    • Full Body Detox and Skin Care

    The UTK infrared heating pad is also beneficial to improve body circulation. An improved body circulation denotes that there is a faster movement of oxygen rich blood in the body which carries off toxic waste, thus, detoxifying the body. Detoxification includes excessive sweating coming from the heat it emits rids off carcinogenic components, nicotine and cholesterol.

    Not only does it detoxify the internal areas of the body but also the skin. The UTK infrared heating pad is a helpful device in anti-aging as it releases toxins by sweating causing dead skin cells to peel off. It also reverses fine lines and wrinkles through continued use.

    Eczema, rhytoids and scarring could also be prevented or eliminated through UTK infrared heating pad because its LED when applied in the face allows skin cells to produce cytokine, a chemical known to heal the skin.

    It also offers total skin rejuvenation and acne prevention. The UTK infrared heating pad offers a blue-light therapy which is proven to kill acne-causing bacteria and helps in reducing skin blemishes and whiteheads. On the other hand, its green-light therapy causes the reduction of freckling, hyperpigmentation and the existence of sunspots.  An example of a good UTK infrared heating pad for this purpose is the  UKT Portable Heating Pad.  

  • Weight Loss and Improved Immune System
  • According to the Journal of American Association, one infrared ray sauna session can burn fats and cholesterol equivalent to thirty minutes of jogging or rowing. Fatty substances and bad cholesterol are also absorbed by the heat which causes acceleration on the breakdown of cellulites and other fats in the body.

    In terms of immune system, the UTK infrared heating pad could help ward off flu and common colds because its deep heating mechanism creates an artificial fever which strengthens the immunes system.

    Getting enough good sleep is also one of the most basic remedies to improve immune system and the UTK infrared heating pad gives just that. Its gentle warmth relaxes muscles which help in giving a good sleep. A lot of chronic diseases are due to lack of sleep and the UTK infrared heating pad helps in reducing these diseases.

    Other Key Information

    The UTK infrared heating pad comes with controllers so basically you can adjust the heat level basing on the amount your body can tolerate.

    For basic safety precautions, keep the device away from any water source to avoid electrocution. Turn off the device when not in use and do not forget to unplug it. Never put your eyes into direct exposure with the light. Also, do not expose open wounds into its direct heat because it might cause more bleeding.

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