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The Benefits of Massage and Acupuncture for Your Health

November 18, 2016

 Acupuncture and massage are ancient practices. These techniques of healing the body of pains and aches along with many other problems have been discarded previously by doctors and scientists as false. But with the development of science and research the benefits of massage and acupuncture are being rediscovered and put to use to cure patients.

In acupuncture and massage, palms, fingers and thumbs are used to stimulate those special nerves in our body which then in turn trigger the pain and pleasure points in your brain.                                                               This then leads the body to either secrete certain special chemicals or trigger certain actions which leads the body to heal the disease naturally. The body actually has its own curing technique which is exploited by the massage and acupuncture therapist.

People for ages have ignored this curing technique either due to ignorance or due to the wrong fear of suffering pain during the process. But nowadays there are many doctors who recommend these types of treatment to cure headache and other unknown body aches.


Acupuncture Can Help When Medicine Is Not Working

There are many situations which cannot be cured by medicines alone. Also there are problems whose root is not at all easy to find out. In such cases acupuncture and massages have proved wonder. Fibromyalgia, migraines, and nerve damage are some such problem. Along with medicines if one goes for massage the success rate increases.

Massage proves wonder for curing headache. Headache occurs due to stress and muscle tension. However the actual cause of headache is debatable. If you suffer from headache rarely then any over the counter drug may solve your problem. But if the headache is your regular friend occurring now and then with an increasing intensity, then you really need to see a doctor and follow proper medication.

It is seen that tension related headache is caused due to the misbalance in the level of secretion of serotonin, endorphins, and other chemicals that serve as neurotransmitters (chemicals that the nerves use to send messages to one another). Acupuncture and massage release endorphins which stops the nerve cells from sending pain signals to the brain.

The word "Endorphin" when divided makes the meaning clear. 'Endo’ means something that comes from within, and 'rphine' is the part of morphine .morphine is a type of chemical used to reduce pain. Then 'endorphin' is a type of chemical that is secreted within the body which cures the pain without any external intake of medicines.

Special massage technique like Shiatsu massage helps the reduction of headache. With the help of palm, fingers and thumb special points are acupuncture which then reduces the headache. Trigger Point Therapy (TRP) is another such therapy where gentle force is applied along the trapeziums muscles and the stenciled muscles. It not only reduces pain but also helps to keep the muscle in a healthy position which then becomes less prone to pains.

Acupuncture and massage both of these are not baseless vague medication or technique and science has accepted these techniques as legitimate curing process. Therefore believe in massage and acupuncture and follow them to cure yourself. You will surely need fewer visits to doctors in your life.

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