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Sports Massage: What You Need to Know to Feel Better without Feeling Worse First

November 28, 2016


Sports massage is a popular method for relieving the aches and pains of tired, sprained, and strained muscles injured in athletic competition or outdoor activities. Most experts in sports massage are well trained in treating problems with the fascia, the strong connective tissue that runs all over the body connecting muscles, tendons, and ligaments. And usually sports massage is deep tissue massage, the massage therapist working hard to get down to the source of the problem.

Deep Tissue Massage Hurts...

There's just one problem with deep tissue massage for sports injuries. It hurts.

In fact, you will usually hurt more for a day or two before you start to get better. No pain, no gain, you say? Actually, there is a better way.

Deep Tissue Massage To Get Rid Of Tension

Deep tissue massage is all about relieving really severe tension. This isn't tension that it is in the muscles. It's in the connective tissue between the muscles and the tendons and ligaments that holds them to the bones and joints.

This connective tissue is known as fascia. Fascia is tough. It has a greater tensile strength than steel. And when it tightens up, it tightens up all over your body.

If you have a knot in your neck, you can feel tightness over your belly. If you sprain your thumb, you can have a knot in your forearm. Tightness in one place becomes tightness every place, all over your body.

Massage therapists often treat this kind of tension with deep tissue massage. Unfortunately, when you go in to see your massage therapist, there's usually just 60 or 90 minutes to work on you. That gives your massage therapist very little time to work out the tension in fascia. You can leave hurting more than when you went in.

How To Get Deep Tissue Massage At Home?

But there is an alternative to deep tissue massage you can use on your own schedule in the privacy of your own home. That's heated jade roller massage, the ChiSoft method for getting deep heat where it's really needed while stretching the fascia just enough for lasting healing and drug-free pain relief.


Roll your pain away. Heated jade rollers get heat down where it's needed. They stretch fascia just enough, not too much. Giving yourself massage treatment with heated jade rollers once a day, or twice a day, does in an incremental way what your massage therapist has to try to do all at once: Heal your sports injuries.

But with a Vita Activate home massage system, you avoid unnecessary pain that helps you make real gain, fast.

The Best Electric Back Massager

Lower-back pain can become a really expensive proposition. You can go to the doctor, and maybe your treatment will be covered by your insurance, but maybe it will be labeled a pre-existing condition. A simple trip to your family doctor quickly costs you thousands of dollars.

Or maybe you'd prefer to see a chiropractor. Even the medical journals admit that when your lower back problem is caused by a problem in a single disk or a single joint, seeing the chiropractor can be the way to go. But sometimes the chiropractor will tell you that you need x-rays, and more x-rays, and so many x-rays that you will begin to glow in the dark. And you may be told that you need lots and lots of expensive nutritional supplements.

Many people go to licensed massage therapists, and the fact is, they can do a lot of good. Physical therapists can, too. But there's the expense, and the time you need to make the appointment. None of these options is going to bring you quick relief—especially if nobody can see you for two weeks for an appointment.

That's why you need to consider at-home options. Sure, you could buy a massaging chair, but that isn't really necessary. You can get the same benefits for a fraction of the cost with the best electric back massager, by ChiSoft.

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