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Shiatsu Massage Therapy With Car Seat Massager

November 19, 2016

Do you know that the roots of massage and acupressure therapies can be found in 2000 BC Roman culture? This technique was then used to relieve the body of pain and tension? But with the emergence of medical science and modern medicines these therapies were neglected for ages. Now doctors are building new faith on these techniques and using them along with regular medication to cure a certain disease.

Put to use these techniques in your daily life and lead a tension and pain free life. If you think that you can not manage time to go to any of the therapist then you can buy a Car Seat Massager that is as affective as any other massage parlor visit. But before you do that, I would like you have the basic knowledge of these therapies and how they work.

There are many massage techniques which have their origin in different places of the world. Shiatsu massage has its origin in Japan. In this massage with help of palm, fingers, and thumb different special points and areas of the body are stimulated. The stimulation leads to the secretion of internal body chemicals that then cures the body ache and pains. They also help the body to relax and gain energy. Trigger Point Therapy (TRP) is another form of massage therapy .in it pressure is applied to specific areas along the trapezius muscles and the sternocleidomastoid muscles.

All massage techniques aim at curing the body of pain and arranging the muscles in such a way that it prevents further cause of discomfort.

Car Seat Massager deals with aiming to curl the body of pain. It incorporates such techniques in the chair, that while you sit on it, you can regulate the part you want to massage and get relief of the pain. The types of specialized function done by such a chair are like Upper and lower back pain relief massage and Shoulder & neck massage.

Pain may be caused at the upper and lower back area due to heavy weight lifting, sitting in a wrong posture for a long time, or due to a sudden sprain and strain. A Car Seat Massager has small rollers fitted in such a way that it massages the whole of the back. The roller can stretch and help to reduce pain even in the areas like lower back muscles and soft tissue between the cervical disks.                                                

Shoulder and neck suffers pain due to strain and tension. It is the result of tension and doing certain jobs like mending watches, or looking at the computer for a long period of time without movement those results to neck pain. The Car Seat Massager is designed in such a way that you can actually relax sitting on the chair while the small rollers will massage your neck area and stimulate the nerves and muscles. The Car Seat Massager provides a kneading massage to the shoulder and neck area.

There is also an air compression massage technique. In it the air compressor is run through the body in such a way that the air bags conflate at certain specific points of the body.

Many chairs also have heat therapy which is very effective in pain reduction.

Look out for all these elements when you decide to buy a Car Seat Massager.

Buy a Car Seat Massager today and reap its benefits every day.

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