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Scalp Massager - Stimulating Your Scalp To Awaken Your Senses

November 27, 2016


What is a Scalp Massage?

  • Massaging the scalp is the act of using either your hands or some other object to gently rub the skin that covers your skull, thus creating a friction that stimulates the nerve endings in your scalp, evoking sensations of pleasure.
  • Scalp massage therapy is very good for your health and for your well-being.
  • It stimulates and increases blood flow to your brain.
  • It helps to stimulate the hair follicles in the scalp, thus stimulating hair growth.
  • This in turn awakens the senses, helping you to relieve stress and tension, and to help soothe and relax you.
  • It improves your mood.
  • Because of the improved blood circulation to and stimulation of the brain, scalp massage in general helps to stimulate and strengthen your mind, your memory, your critical thinking skills, as well as your motor skills.


Benefits of Scalp Massage With a Scalp Massager

  • Massage can be performed with one’s own bare hands by running your own fingers against your scalp.
  • However, massage is more relaxing if it is a passive experience, performed on the subject by a third person. Otherwise, if you are performing it actively on yourself, your ability to relax diminishes in proportion to the amount of conscious effort you must exert.
  • Massage can also be done using a machine.
  • This machine may be hand-held and portable, for use by the subject who can administer the massage on himself or herself.
  • This machine could also be stationary, affixed to a chair, a bed, or a table.
  • The primary advantage of using a scalp massager machine as opposed to a real human masseuse is that the former can apply continuous, consistent pressure for long durations of time, beyond the endurance of a normal person, whose hands may get fatigued after some time.
  • A scalp massager may be able to apply pressure in a manner that a human being may be unable to.
  • A scalp massager does not require the presence of another person. Thus you can administer a scalp massage on your self, anytime, even if no one else is available to massage you.
  • A scalp massager enables the subject to receive a passive massage.


What are the different types of scalp massagers available?

  • Octopus massager
    This is a battery-powered, hand-held massager that fits in the palm of your hand. You simply turn it on with the push of a button, and gently move it across your head, as it vibrates and provides a gentle but stimulating scalp masage.
  • Chair massager
    You can get a chair massager (either a standalone massage chair or a removable massaging unit that you attach to a chair) whose massaging arms reach as high as your head when you are seated, thus providing a scalp massage.
  • Massage mattress
    You lie down horizontally on a mattress that massages your entire body as you lie down on it. If you position your head correctly, your scalp can also be massaged in this manner.


Scalp Massaging Techniques

The scalp massager should administer the massage in smooth, gentle, and slow circular motions on both sides of the head at the same, and slowly traversing the entire scalp from the top to just above the nape from front to back, and from side to side to just above the ears.

Or, rather than traversing the scalp, it can start at an epicenter and gradually increase the diameter of the circular motion until the entire scalp has been massaged, before decreasing the circle and repeating the cycle again.

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