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Three Ways To Enjoy Pokémon Go Without Physical Stress

July 21, 2016

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. It’s a fun, online game where anyone can find Pokémon in their area and level them up so they’ll be prepared to battle other trainers. A game like this requires a lot of dedication, which is why it has become addicting for some.

For any type of addiction, there are side effects a person should attend to before it gets too out of hand. Using a cellphone to the point of most Pokémon Go users can lead to muscle aches where most people don’t expect. The notification of Pokémon nearby, catching them, finding Pokéstops, conquering gyms, and taking care of your.

The Idea of Pokemon Go is get you outside to do more exercises, but be aware of the following side effects



Pokémon will cause you to consistently use your neck and back muscles because you’re looking up, down and around all the time. Additionally, Pokémon Go has helped players to enjoy the outdoors more. In fact, they get the most out of their outdoor experience by walking around, but if you’re not used to walking or running around frequently, you will notice muscle strain around your lower back, legs, upper back, and neck.


For most Pokémon trainers, this may not feel like a big deal, but what could be worse than wanting to go out and hunt Pokémon with strain and pain in your body. To prevent your body from being sore, here are three tips you can try to make sure you’re in top shape for being the very best Pokémon trainer.

  1. Make Sure Your Neck Is Ready For Battle

Looking up and down from your cellphone can put a toll on your neck, especially if you have more of a sedentary lifestyle. Playing Pokémon Go also requires you to be aware of your surroundings and to be safe while you go hunting, but it can be difficult to do that if your neck starts to experience pain. If you don’t want to end your Pokémon hunting experience early, you should consider preparing your neck with soothing massages and stretches before you go, throughout the day, and after a long day of Pokémon hunting.

             One of the best ways a Pokémon trainer can keep their neck relaxed throughout the day is to own a Chisoft Shiatsu Stress Relief Neck Massager. Shiatsu massage can give you a deep, relaxing sensation before and after you go Pokémon hunting. Every trainer should know you can only take care of the Pokémon you find if you take care of yourself. Having a neck massager like this is the first step to improving your health and giving more attention to the Pokémon that are important to you.

Additionally, as you keep yourself relaxed with the shiatsu neck massager, you’ll less likely have tunnel vision with your phone and have increased awareness of your environment.

  1. Prepare Your Back For Traveling Long Distances

As a Pokémon trainer, you should have the enthusiasm and determination to catch as many Pokémon as possible and make them as strong as possible. You’re persistent enough to travel long distances, discover new Pokéstops, join new gyms, and show other Pokémon trainers that you’ll never give up. To make sure your enthusiasm is as strong as your health, make sure you back is as ready as you are. A strong, healthy back will make Pokémon hunting much easier. When a muscle is strained in the back, you’ll find it difficult to turn your neck or even walk normally, especially if you’re the type of player that is hunting Pokémon all day. To keep yourself physically fit, you must make sure your muscles are taken care of and the best way to do that is to pinpoint where the pain or tightness is and relax it the right way.

             If you’d rather spend your extra money on Pokécoins rather than an expensive massage therapist, why don’t you look into owning a Chisoft Foldable Trigger Point Back Massager?

They’re wonderful for busy people with a more active lifestyle, like you. The best part about this massager is that it’s portable, so while you’re walking around the neighborhood and feel a twinge in your back, you can have your massager by your side to relieve the pain and keep hunting.

You are determined to be the very best, aren’t you? When you have a trigger point massager, you won’t have any excuse to slack on your Pokémon training because you’ll be consistently rejuvenated and energized. Other Pokémon trainers will admire your spunk and further respect you as a worthy opponent or team member.

  1. If Your Neck Is Already Feeling The Strain, Relax and Don’t Give Up!

Perhaps you’re one of those Pokémon trainers that have already put their all in their hunting and now you’re dealing with the aftermath of aches and pains in your neck and upper back. Pokémon Go has encouraged so many of us to use our phones more often that we don’t even realize how our muscles respond to the extra exercise. Your neck specifically could be feeling the burn, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up. There is one way you can easily relieve the pain and prevent yourself from feeling that sort of pain when you go hunting again.

             Your neck pain will disappear when you have soft neck pain reliever made of foam so you won’t feel inclined to twist and turn your neck. This soft neck support is almost like a pillow, but it also comes with a brace that keeps your neck steady throughout the day. We don’t want to see any Pokémon trainers have a damaged neck from their great efforts, so to help you get back out there and hunting again, you should consider owning the Chisoft Soft Neck Pain Relief Support so your muscles can heal.

Additionally, it’s portable enough to carry like your own little companion, so if someone on your team is having neck problems as well, you can share it with them. Pokémon hunting isn’t just about being alone, after all. Teamwork is just as important and one of the best ways you can support your team is making sure you’re all in tiptop shape.


All right, you adamant Pokémon trainer, no more worrying about your physical body. These tips will help you stay relaxed and determined during your travels. To get one of the Chisoft products, order one on VitActivate’s website today.

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