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Perfect Wine Gift Set: Wine Box for 2 Bottles + 5 Accessories Kit

July 18, 2016

Perfect Wine Gift Set: Wine Box for 2 Bottles + 5 Accessories Kit

Wine boxes are great gift ideas, whether it is a wedding or any other celebration. Wine case with accessories kit is a double winner among shoppers.

This double bottle wine case with accessories is an incredibly useful kit that has everything you need for a picnic with friends, or while making a vineyard visit.  The wine case kits are great for corporate gifts, weddings and for any wine lover.

The double bottle wine and 5 piece accessory kit is a definite attention grabber. Ideal as gift and for home use, the wine set has all essentials needed to open your favorite wine bottle, pour the wine and preserve the rest for another day.

Admired by entertainers and wine enthusiasts alike this Double bottle wine kit is easy to use, portable and convenient to store.

The wine case gift set will add elegance to any décor with its stylish and convenient design. Have a look at its various features to believe about its immense gift potential.

Features of double bottle wine case with 5 piece accessory kit

  • Chic and stylish design
  • Leather covering gives it a sleek and opulent appearance
  • Convenient padded slots for wine bottle ensures safe and snug fit
  • Individual pouches on the underside of lid for each accessory
  • Snap on buttons to hold accessory in place
  • Case is made of top quality material
  • Box is easy to lock and open
  • Light in weight and highly portable
  • Convenient handle making it easy to carry around
  • Accessories are made of top grade stainless steel
  • The accessories present include corkscrew made of stainless steel, drip stop metal ring, wine stopper with dark red rounded top, wine pourer and wine thermometer

With all the important accessories added to the wine case, it is ready to use whenever you need it with style and aplomb. The kit can be used at home, stored in your wine rack horizontally or placed vertically on the counter.

With so many advantages, the wine kit is just the perfect choice, whether you are a casual wine drinker or a hardcore wine enthusiast.

Now that you know about the contents of the kit and its important features, look at the uses and features of each of the five accessories available with the wine case.

Corkscrew wine opener

Even the most casual wine drinker would like to hear the popping sound, when the cork comes out of the wine bottle. Using the best wine opener will make this task easy. Corkscrews are of various types including automatic, lever action and spiral designed openers.

The corkscrew in this wine kit has the following features

  • Convenient to handle
  • Easy opening without having to use your muscle power
  • Made of high quality stainless steel

With the handy corkscrew made of quality stainless steel, you can pop the cork with flair and earn grudging respect form your peers, whether it is an informal gathering or a formal evening celebration.

Wine drip stop ring

While pouring wine, especially red wine, you can inadvertently drip a few drops on the table or on the floor or even on your guest. To enjoy your wine without the hassles of wine stains, wine drip stopper ring is an ideal solution.  The drip stop ring in this kit has the following features

  • Easy to slip into bottles of any particular size
  • Can be used for a long time effectively
  • Made of top grade stainless steel
  • Reusable
  • Comes with a dimension of 1 ½” diameter
  • Washable pad made of felt soaks all drips and keeps your cloths, sofas and tables free of stains

Wine Stopper

While removing the cork is an exhilarating experience, replacing the cork back in the wine bottle is something that most people feel as dull and boring. The task being impossible often, due to expanded cork is another important reason.

This is where wine stoppers come to your rescue. The wine stopper present here makes your work a lot more easy. Here are some of its beneficial features:

  • Visually appealing to look at, especially the red ball shaped top
  • For occasional wine drinkers, the stopper is the best option, when compared to reusing the cork
  • The metal finish makes it more durable
  • Marked rubber rings give tight seal and prevent air exposure

With the personalized wine stoppers available in our collection of wine accessories, you can have individual stoppers for your different wines, so guests can identify them easily when they need a refill.

Wine pourer

Wine pourers are important wine accessories designed to make it easy to pour the wine into a decanter or a glass. The wine pourer in this kit is stylishly designed and sports the following features:

  • Fits easily into most type of wine bottles
  • Designed to help in aerating wine, both white and red varieties
  • Speeds up oxidization, so you can enjoy the aroma and flavor fully
  • Efficient to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Pleasing to look at

Wine Thermometer

To enjoy the real taste of wine, both white and red wine, you need to ensure that the wine has the right temperature. A too warm Chardonnay or too cold Bordeaux will just not do at all. The only way to show your wine expertise is having a proper wine thermometer. This wine thermometer is the right accessory to have, because of the following features:

  • Easy to read and use
  • Made of superior quality glass that is resistant to scratches and enables clear reading of temperature
  • Durable features ensures longer life
  • Gives accurate reading, so you can avoid guesswork, while serving the wine
  • Reads temperature ranging from 0 degree to 220 degree Fahrenheit
  • Length is 10 inches and has an outer diameter of ¾ inch

Now that you have seen all the features of the double wine bottle box five piece accessory kit, you can be sure about it being the perfect gift for family or friends. With its excellent features, it is guaranteed to strike the right cord with the best wine connoisseur and the casual wine lover alike. Consider buying it to command attention and raise your reputation as the best wine expert. 

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