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Palm Massager - Your Well Being Is In the Palm Of Your Hands

November 21, 2016

Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, and the invention of the palm massager, we now have the ability to cure many ills, quite literally in the palm of our hands (pun intended).

The Various Ills Of The Palm

You may not realize it, but many of the ailments in your life, much of the stress and anxiety we experience, and much of our productivity (or lack thereof) lies, quite literally in the palm of our hands.

We usually don’t think of our palms as ever getting tired, fatigued, overworked, or stressed.

But it is possible. Here are a few examples of maladies that involve your hands:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome - If you maintain poor posture while sitting and typing repetitively all day long, the joints in your fingers, palms, and wrists can tighten up or lock up. A palm massager can be used to alleviate this condition.
  • Arthritis - Using a palm massager can help provide relief from the discomfort associated with arthristis of the joints in the fingers, hands, palms, and forearm.
  • Intention tremors - While this is largely a nervous disorder, if you experience intention tremors in your fingers, hands, or arms, then a palm massager can help to calm your nerves down and relax some of the tension that is causing this condition.
  • Sore hands - If you do a lot of manual labor or heavy lifting, your hands can become calloused and feel rough and sore. A palm massager can help relax your palms and alleviate some of the pain and discomfort.

Stress Relief And Relaxation Right In The Palm Of Your Hands

There are many benefits to using a palm massager:

  • Palm massagers are extremely cheap and inexpensive, and thus are easy to replace if they get damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • Palm massagers are highly portable, and typically can run on batteries.
  • You do not need another person in order to massage your palms. It is fairly straightforward to administer a palm massage on yourself, anytime, anywhere.

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Don’t Let This Opportunity Slip Through Your Fingers

Using a palm massager on yourself does not detract from the relaxation due to your attention somehow being focused on the act of massaging, as might be the case with a portable massager for other body parts.

Palm massagers are ergonomically designed to fit in between the fingers and to reach all areas of the palm. 

A palm massager can also be used on other body parts, although that is beyond the scope of this discussion.

    Palm Massagers As Diverse As Each Fingertip

    There are a number of different types of palm massagers. Let’s take a look at a few:

    There are those battery-powered ones that you hold in one hand and move over the surface of the other hand with a manual effort. The prongs on the massager vibrate over the surface of your skin.

    There are those stationary that you strap onto your palms so it doesn’t move. It merely vibrates in place. This type may even be able to release heat onto your palms as an option.

    There are non-electronic, non-mechanical massage balls. The massaging affect occurs by either squeezing the ball in your palm or by rolling the ball over one palm while holding it with the other hand.

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