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Lower Back Pain Relief Products Reviews: Back Stretcher or Massager?

December 03, 2017

Is Back Pain Giving You Sleepness Nights? 

Which Back Stretcher Can Help Your Back?

Back pain affects millions of people and it is something that can be simply annoying to widely disabling. There are powerful medications and invasive procedures that are often effective, but these often require time off work and limiting daily activities.


There are other options that will not cause side effects or require periods of rest after use. Depending on the cause of your back pain, you may greatly benefit from these options so that you can reduce your pain and go back to living a happy and pain-free life.

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Causes of Back Pain

It is important to know what the causes of back pain are to really understand the best treatment for the associated pain. Mechanical problems are very common issues and some of the easiest to fall victim to. These include issues, such as muscle spasms, ruptured discs, muscle tension, herniated discs and degenerative disc disease.

Injuries of the back are also common. A quick fall or wrong twist can become a very painful injury. Back sprains are probably the most common. These can cause intense pain and stiffness. In some cases, people may find the pain and stiffness so intense that they have difficulty walking.

Medical conditions can also cause back pain. Some of the most common include fibromyalgia, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and spinal stenosis.

Tumors and infections can also cause back pain. However, these are incredibly serious and always must be treated by a medical doctor.

Using a Back Stretching Device for Back Pain

So you might be thinking about getting a massager.

Yes, there have been thousands of studies on massage for back pain. These have all pretty much concluded that massage can improve daily functioning and provide relief from pain and stiffness. Massage relaxes the muscles and can literally “rub out” tough spasms, knots and cramps. A hands-on massage is not a reality for many people due to the expense.

The good news is that there are home back massagers that people can use. These are often found to be effective. In fact, some people find them more effective. There are many different types of home-use back massagers that people can use. Some actually do apply pressure like a person's hands would, while others offer vibration. Some provide both.

Here is a better solution. Instead of using back massager which only relaxes the muscle, try using a back stretching device. What you really need to align the lumbar spine by giving deep stretch 



Using a Back Cushion for Back Pain


There are many different types of back cushions that can be used for back pain. Some of the most common are known as lumbar cushions that help you to maintain the spine's normal curve when you are sitting or lying down. The key to a back cushion is making sure that it is the right size. If it is too big or too small, it may actually cause more problems.

You can test this by simply taking the cushion and placing it at the small of your back and then sitting as you normally would. If you do not experience discomfort, it is probably the right size. A doctor or chiropractor can also help to recommend the right one for you.

Some back cushions offer more than just cushioning. Some will provide relaxing heat. Some provide a relaxing massage. There are others that can provide coldness. Some will provide a combination of these. Think about what is causing your pain and choose the one that will work best to solve your pain. For example, if muscle spasms are your issue, it is known that heat is often very helpful. So, choose a back cushion that also provides heat.

Can a Back Massager Prevent Back Pain?


Regular massage has been shown to fend off issues like muscle soreness, spasms, knots and cramps. Using a back massager just once or twice a week can be helpful in keeping your muscles limber and flexible and this can help to prevent certain types of back pain.

Massage can also help to prevent muscle tension from things like stress and improper posture. Keeping muscle tension at bay will prevent the pain it can cause.

Can a Back Cushion Prevent Back Pain?


Keeping the spine in proper alignment is known to reduce and prevent back pain. We know that poor posture is one of the most common causes of back pain. When we are using back cushions, specifically a lumbar cushion, we are maintaining the natural curve of our back. There are also knee cushions and neck cushions. When these three are all used during sleep, we can be sure that our spine remains straight and at the right curve. This will prevent you from waking up in the morning will stiffness and pain in your back.


Should You Use Heating Pad, Hot Tube or Drugs?

If you have muscle spasms heat therapy can help because it will relax the muscles.You can use a heating pad to get relief from minor back pain, because heat can relax the back muscles strains. You can use the electrical heating pad or the microwave heating pad. Try to get a heating pad that emits infrared waves, which helps fasten the healing process. Unlike the electrical heating pad, the microwave heating pad is cordless and portable. You just wrap the heating pad around your body and walk around your home or even go outside for a walk

Another easy way is to use warm water therapy by sitting in a hot tub. Just fill your tub with hot water and sit there for 30 minutes to get relief. You do need to get a large hot tub, if you want to lay down to enjoy the warm water therapy. Warm water therapy is another popular way to get relief from muscle pain and muscle spasm. 

The last back pain treatment option is using drugs. If heating pad and warm water therapy doesn't work, you might consider using over the countrer drugs. Anti-inflammatory drugs will relieve swelling and will usually relieve back pain. Drugs are not recommended, since the can be very addictive. They can stop the pain temporarily, but you will become overly reliant on them.

What Exercises Can Help Prevent Back Pain?


It’s important to keep the back muscles stretched instead of shrinking so that healing can take place. To prevent back pain become permanent, you must exercise your back. Do slow exercise to stretch those back muscles. Do some Yoga or Tai Chi exercise if you want to heal and prevent permanent damage.

If you are new in Yoga or not used to those stretching exercising, we suggest you to start with Tai Chi. Many physical therapists suggest people to start with Tai Chi as the movement are slow paced, but at the same time it strengthens your back muscles.

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