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How Ketogenic Diet Works and the Importance of Supplements

June 13, 2018

Keto diet is making waves in the weight loss community. A ketogenic diet transforms your body into a state of ketosis where your body uses fat as energy. In addition to weight loss, a keto diet helps improve your overall health.

A lot of keto followers stay loyal to this diet for many reasons. Keto dieters find themselves having more energy throughout the day both physically and mentally. They also have reduced cravings, more self-control, and lower calorie intake.

However, it is not an easy diet to follow. You don’t just cut down on your calories but you need to take out the carbs in your daily food intake and replace it with fats. It’s not simple and it requires diligence. You’ll have to carefully plan your weight loss goal and follow it strictly.

What are Ketones?

Ketones are considered as fuel for our body. They have become an effective alternative to glucose as the body’s source of fuel. Ketones are also regarded as the fourth macronutrient which serves as an energy source for your brain and body.

When you eat fat instead of carbs, your body metabolizes fat in the liver that produces three types of ketone compounds such as acetone, acetoacetate, and beta-hydroxybutyric acid or BHB. Ketones tell your body to burn fat.

The Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic is becoming popular for individuals who want to lose weight. The objective of this diet is to use fats instead of carbs as your body’s main source of energy. A lot of people choose this diet for its combination of weight loss and health benefits.

The changes in your daily diet are designed to increase the healthy fats to produce endogenous ketones to your blood. Most adults get their energy from sugar-based food sources. However, not all are aware of the many health benefits that come with a high-fat and low-carb diet. Studies show that keto has long-lasting effects on the body.

The food we eat is stored by the body for energy. In a keto diet, you are required to take low-carb foods. At the same time, you may have to increase your protein intake depending on your diet. Hence, you’ll be eating more healthy fats that are converted as the body’s main source of energy.

Other people think of it as a high-protein diet. However, keto is more about the amount of healthy fats you are taking on a daily basis.

Exogenous ketone supplements are taken to make your body adapt to the diet faster. Nevertheless, you should take precautions because it can also affect your energy levels. Whenever you switch to a keto diet, you should be able to maintain a high amount of sodium in your system. Therefore adding keto salt to your daily diet should help you adapt to the keto diet gradually. The recommended daily salt intake is around 500 g.

Adding salt and electrolytes to your diet is important as your body’s sodium and potassium levels can be depleted. In effect, your body may become dehydrated and make you feel weak. Hence, it is important to maintain a healthy balance of nutrients in your body.

Why You Need to Consult your Doctor First

Before you decide to dive into this lifestyle, you should seek the advice of your doctor or nutritionist. This kind of diet can affect certain health conditions and understanding how it will affect your body is crucial. In case you and your doctor decide it’s safe for you, the most efficient way is to start gradually.

Adding ketone supplements to your diet can help you achieve the best results. Make sure you monitor your health to see if this type of diet is working to your benefit. If you experience any side-effects, consult your doctor or nutritionist to know if it is safe for you to continue.

How to Lose Weight More Effectively

Once you start your keto diet, you need to strictly follow a nutritional plan. Here are some ways to make sure you are shedding off those extra pounds while on a keto diet.

  • Count your carbs. This also applies to hidden carbs that are often found in veggies, spices, and beverages.   
  • Watch your calories. You need to diligently calculate the amount of daily calories you are getting. Make sure you don’t go over your target. In order to lose weight, you need to eat less than what you are burning.
  • Be mindful of your sugar intake. This also includes fruits, sweeteners, and dairy. If you need to use sweeteners, just go for stevia or other keto-friendly sweeteners.
  • Drink lots of water. Food sources that are heavy on carbs help retain water. Therefore, a low-carb menu means that you’ll be losing water faster. This is why you need to replenish your body with water more often to avoid getting dehydrated or constipated.
  • Be aware of what you eat. Remember, anything you put in your mouth can affect your diet positively or negatively depending on what type of food you are eating. The rule of thumb is to avoid processed food. It doesn’t matter whether it’s keto-friendly or low in carb because if it’s junk, it won’t do your body any good.

Why Keto Supplements are Important

At first, your body may find it difficult to adapt to the drastic change in your daily diet. Your body will gradually adjust with the help of keto supplements. The presence of keto supplements can provide your body with the right balance of nutrients to help your body get into the state of ketosis.

Choosing the right kind of keto supplement will affect your ketosis because if you end up using the wrong one, it might do you more harm than good. In fact, low-quality keto supplements have been proven to have side-effects such as high levels of triglycerides and cholesterol as well as constipation in men while women may experience disruptions in their menstrual cycle.

Thus, making it important for a keto dieter to understand the right combination of nutrient and compounds you are consuming. Improper balance can affect your diet in the long run and at the same time, you may not get the results you are aiming for.

How to Make Sure You Get the Right Balance of Keto Supplements

The best advice is to do your research first. This alone can greatly affect your diet. Truly, keto diet isn’t for everyone especially if you expect that it will be easy. Keto diet requires calculation which means you have to weigh the right amount of ketone supplements you are taking.

Not knowing the correct information can disrupt your entire diet. Imagine eating the same thing over and over again without getting any results. Frustrating right? There are a lot of available resources online to help you understand how this diet works.

Getting into this diet is certainly not a walk in the park even if you are following the right steps correctly. Transitioning to a low-carb diet will take a lot of determination and motivation to help you push through and adapt to this lifestyle change.  

Do Ketone Supplements Work?

A low-carb diet plan can have different effects on your body including the type of ketone supplement you take. The keto supplement you use can have a direct effect on your body as it burns fat as fuel. This increases your body’s ketone levels which is often referred to as “nutritional ketosis”.

By adding ketone supplements to your daily diet, you are helping your body feel nourished and help maintain the proper balance of nutrients in your body. Meanwhile, it also assists in fighting against different types of illnesses.

When choosing the best ketone supplement for you, make sure you check the amount of carbs it contains. A low-carb supplement helps boost your body’s fat-burning capabilities.

On the other hand, experts still advice keto dieters to also exercise for best results. Some individuals make the mistake of thinking that ketone supplements are enough to help them lose weight. However, the best way to achieve your body goals is to combine both ketones supplements and exercise along with your keto diet.

The Side Effects

Keto diet is safe but it certainly isn’t easy. The process isn’t always easy and takes some time getting used to. In the first few days and weeks, you’ll go through a period of fasting to boost your ketone bodies.

During this period your body may experience short-term side effects until your body learns to adapt to this kind of lifestyle. These side effects, however, are minor and manageable even though they present some discomfort. Bear in mind that the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term side effects especially once you see the mental and physical benefits.   

The most common short-term side effects keto dieters experience in the early stages of ketosis include fatigue, constipation, and thirst. These side effects occur due to the sudden change in your diet. It will take time for your body to adjust to the new process before the side effects entirely go away.

Natural Keto Supplements

When it comes to keto supplements, there are a wide range to choose from. The first thing you should do is to identify your goals. This way it makes it easier to narrow down your choices by understanding your goal, health condition, routine, and daily food intake. Once you’re clear about these factors, you can easily select the right supplement to address your concern.

These natural supplements have their own strengths and benefits that can address your need. For example, if your body is getting enough amount of protein, you don’t have to add any more protein to your daily intake. One of the best ways to enhance the performance of your keto diet is to take Keto Protein Bars. This can help boost your body’s performance while maintaining a well-balanced nutrition.

Here are some of the most commonly used natural keto supplements in the market.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is used to maintain a healthy level of triglycerides in your system. Make sure it doesn’t go too low nor too high. Increased levels are often linked to a wide range of cardiovascular diseases.

A daily dose of fish oil in your diet can help optimize your triglyceride levels. It is also one of the most effective exogenous supplements for keto dieters.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is discovered to be beneficial for keto dieters. This type of vitamin is a fat-soluble nutrient which also acts as a hormone in the body. However, vitamin D is only present in limited food sources. However, you can easily get it through exposure to direct sunlight.

Having said, you should be mindful when exposing your skin to the sun. Overexposure can lead to various skin conditions and even skin cancer.
Vitamin D is, in fact, considered as one of the best natural keto supplements because of its ability to enhance your body’s calcium absorption. It also assists in strengthening your body’s immune system.

Sodium & Potassium

Once your body is converted into ketosis, your body will start getting rid of excess water and sodium. This is caused by a drop in your insulin level. Most Americans are found to have high levels of sodium in their daily diet which means shedding off small amounts of it poses no threat.

On the other hand, you need to monitor your body’s sodium level as you continue your keto diet. The right balance of sodium and potassium in your diet is crucial in producing a healthy level of electrolytes in your body. Therefore, if you feel that your sodium levels may be dropping too fast, it’s a good idea to add this supplement to your diet.


Magnesium is also one of the most important nutrients in your body and is stored in the bones. Individuals who are on a low-carb diet often resort to the benefits of magnesium as it helps boost the body’s ion secretion. For example, if you feel any signs of fatigue or cramps, you should get a blood test to check your level of magnesium.

Supplementing your lifestyle will make it easier for your body to achieve your desired results. Try these supplements now and discover how they can help you!

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