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How to use the Fyola Facial Machine for Best Results - User Guide

April 04, 2017 1 Comment

How Ultrasonic Wave Tightens and Firms Your Skin

It can change the capacity and movement of each cell with precise massaging function, which is called “cell massage.

It can stimulate and adjust the cytomembrane, increase the permeability of epidermis. Its thermal, physical and chemical effects can raise the temperature in deep skin layers by 0.5-1 C, assisting the skin in the absorption of essences, and accelerating metabolism to reinforce the regenerative course of tissue. 

Ultrasonic can also decompose fat, promote energy, repair lymph and capillary vessels with an accent on weight loss and body sculpting functions.

Ultrasound wave: Microwave frequency vibration is 12,000 rpm, what works deep into the dermis. It can penetrate the build-up of residue in pores, grease, help facilitate the discharge of oil secretion, deep extraction of acne, pimples and blackheads, and the formation of cosmetic skin tightening , gloss improvement, moisture infusion, the activation of bone collagen hyperplasia, effective prevention of wrinkles, and firming of the skin sagging phenomenon.

How Galvanic Ion Makes Skin Care Product Better For You

It can form a light electric field between skin and germinal layers, temporarily invading in the skin barrier layer to remove dirt from pores with the principle of “opposites attract” and conduct essences of different functions (such as acne removing, moisturizing, whitening and wrinkle prevention) into deep skin with the principle of “homogeneous repellency”. Replenish healthy particles of the skin which may accumulate surrounding skin cells as an ion cluster, promoting constant absorption of essences with a much higher rate.

Use this to fight dry and aging skin with a slow metabolism. In addition, negative and positive ions can generate acidic action in order to tranquilize nerves, dropping blood supply, strengthening fiber tissues of the skin, shrinking pores and relieving redness. It is great for sensitive skin and acne. 

Three Different LED Photon Light Explained: Red, Blue and Green

Fyola Lite Machine

Different LED Photon Lights  Have Following Functions

Red LED Light: wavelength 625+/-3nm (16 LEDS)

Whitens and lightens dark spots, tenders skin and dispel crinkles, repairs damaged skin, heals slender wrinkles, tightens pore, and proliferates collagen protein.

Green LED Light: wavelength 465+/-3nm (16 LEDS)

Diminishes inflammation, battles bacterium, and propionibacterium acnes treats acne and scars.

Blue LED Light: wavelength 525+/-3nm (16 LEDS)

Has the effects of neutralization, balancing and calming the skin. It can ease the strain, dredge lymph and may be useful in edema elimination.

User Manual of the Fyola Lite Facial Machine

For Normal Daily Skin Care

The most critical thing is to choose suitable cosmetics for your skin. It is not only for therapy but also an important foundation to provide nutrients to your skin. Therefore, be careful when selecting the right cosmetics.

Step 1. Deep Clean
    • Turn on the device, select "ION+" (cleansing) + "Ultrasonic" + "Relax" (microwave massage) and choose a comfortable intensity.
    • Prepare the cotton pad and face moisturizer. Apply facial cleanser to your face or on the treatment head. Move the device slowly.
    • Spend 10-15 seconds on each section, 8-10 minutes in total.
    • Rinse face with tepid water when finished.

Step 2. Nutrition Input

    • Power on the machine, select "ION-" (nutrition in) + "Ultrasonic" +" Relax" (microwave massage), then select a comfortable level; It is better to use watery liquid cosmetics (toner, moisturizer, water, essence, essential oil, Aloe Vera gel or other liquid).
    • For best nutrition absorption, move slowly from the chin to your ears for 10-15 seconds, then move from left to right on the forehead area.

Step 3. Photorejuvenation Therapy

    • Choose "Relax" massage function, set up a continuous or intermittent operation mode as needed.
    • Use the point-by-point moving method for about 10-15 minutes.

    Step 4. Acupuncture Relaxation and Massage

      • Choose "Relax" massage function, set up a continuous or intermittent operation mode as needed.
      • Use the point-by-point moving method for  about 10-15 minutes
      TIPS: Biological light wave and ultrasonic care massage care will make your skin feel warm, this is a normal phenomenon, please rest assured. Keep the probe moving at a constant speed during use.

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      For Eye edema care (weekly)

      Step 1. Clean the skin
        • Select "Ultrasonic" function and light intensity.
        • Rinse your face with warm water and clean the probe carefully.

      Step 2. Eye Edema Care

        • Select "Ultrasonic" function and choose a light intensity.
        • Start the red or blue light therapy mode, the treatment

      Step 3. Eye Massage

        • Select the "Ultrasonic" function and a comfortable level of intensity.
        • Select "Relax" function, choose continuous or intermittent mode per your needs. Care around the eyes as showed. The duration time should be 5 minutes.

      Sensitive Skin Care (once a week)

        • Select the "Ultrasonic" function and a comfortable level of intensity, sam as daily care.
        • Choose green or blue light (each duration time no more than 10 minutes).
        • It is recommended to use a moisturizing mask after each treatment.

      Goggles- Usually in the use of LED photon rejuvenation treatment, looking directly at the light-waves will cause discomfort or dizziness, wear supplied goggles during the light-waves care operation to avoid eye irritation injury.

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      Expected Results

      A small amount of erythema and slight redness may occur on the skin area after treatment. This is quite normal and the phenomenon will disappear shortly. Skin will be obviously more elastic after a session of treatments combined with proper cosmetics. The wrinkles and fine lines will be improved. Clinical research and scientific measurements show that after 6-8 weeks of use, 30% of fine lines and 16% of wrinkles can be reduced. Specific effects vary based on individual skin characteristics. If you follow the regiment and continue doing it, the skin will show amazing results.

      Care and Maintenance

      • Before and cleaning attempts, make sure the power is off
      • Disconnect the device from the power supply before cleaning it.
      • This care instrument is suitable for private use only, do not share it with another individual.
      • Keep the system in a cool, dry place.
      • Clean the residue of gels with a soft damp cloth or paper towel immediately after each use.
      • Keep device dry and clean at all times.

      If the product does not work properly, check the following:

      • Ensure the power cord is well connected with the device.
      • Confirm "Power" button and LCD screen light up.
      • Select function according to the instructions in this manual.
      • If the power cord is damaged, contact your vendor for replacement.
      • If you did not select any operation within 30 seconds, the unit will automatically shut down to protect the circuitry

      For Charging Models:

      • Ensure that the device is completely charged.
      • Confirm "Power" button and LCD display light up
      • If the display is not lit, confirm whether the lithium battery power is low. 
      • If the battery indicator logo flashes, indicating the lack of power for the built-in lithium power, please charge in a timely manner.
      • If you did not select any operation within 30 seconds, the unit will automatically shut down to protect the circuitry.

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