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7 Health Benefits of Hemp Seed Hearts: A Concise Roundup

March 05, 2018

“But it is cannabis,” says that little voice in your head whenever you come across blog posts or videos in the net telling that hemp seeds have great nutritional value. Perchance, it is because of the cannabis connection that it has. Or maybe there have been no extensive discussions regarding its health benefits.

But it is time to correct that little alter-ego of yours because hemp seeds really are super foods.

Rediscovering Hemp Seeds

For a long time, the nutritional profile of hemp seeds has been put into the margins because of its association to cannabis sativa. This kind of mindset towards hemp seeds left a lot of people into thinking that it hemp seeds may have psychotropic effects. But the truth is hemp seeds actually provide a lot of helpful benefits which you can only get from different health products used at once.

Hemp seeds are considered as a jack-of-all-trades kind of crop. Its fiber is considered as one of the most durable in the world. As such, hemp is used in textiles and other industrial products. As it is, with its shell and all, are proven to provide a range of health benefits. Its seeds when extracted can also be pressed to create oil.

If you think this is just pure hearsay, think again. Hemp seeds do not have any adverse side effects and they are good alternatives to use in treating serious conditions like asthma and cancer.

Seven Health Benefits of Hemp Seed Hearts  

So if hemp seed hearts have helpful health benefits, what are they?

Hemp seed hearts are packed with many health benefits. The most notable of these would be the following.

  • 1. Hemp Seed Hearts are rich in GLA
  • Have you ever heard of GLA? It stands for Gamma-Linolenic Acid which is a necessary building block for several body functions. This is extra important to note because of various reasons.
  • Hemp seed hearts being rich with GLA is observed to help people in preventing the following conditions:
    • breast pain
    • diabetes
    • heart disease and high blood pressure
    Aside from this, GLA also helps in the:
    • smoothening and toning of muscles
    • regulation of hormones
    • controlling of inflammation and body temperature
    GLA can be found mostly in seafood products and in omega-rich foods. In the absence of these, hemp seed hearts could be the best organic substitute.
      2. Hemp seed hearts alleviates arthritis and joint pain.

        Are you someone with an active lifestyle? Is age starting to take toll on those knees and joints? Heads up! Hemp seeds hearts can help you with these.

        Eating hemp seed hearts or whisking hemp seed oil have been found by researches to have dramatic effects in relieving they symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. If you are thinking of using hemp seed hearts in treating arthritis and joint pain, one tablespoon of hemp seed hearts or hemp seed oil can be of great help.
          3. Hemp seed hearts are effective for weight loss.

            Can’t get enough with the cravings but hate the weight gain? Hemp seed hearts act as a natural appetite suppressant. This means that you feel fuller for longer periods of time. This also means your sugar cravings are reduced.

            How is that possible? Hemp seed hearts are packed with dietary fibers which gives a feeling of satiation. Excess hunger during the day can be curbed if you add four tablespoons of hemp seed hearts in your breakfast meals.
              4. Hemp seed hearts improve digestive health.

                Ask any doctor about digestive health and they would tell you to eat high fiber food. Hemp seed hearts are high fiber food and as such, can help relieve constipation and feed probiotics in the stomach. This does not only improve the digestive health but also boosts the immune system.

                  5. Hemp seeds are good beauty aids.

                    Hemp seed oils extracted from hemp seed hearts are found as major ingredients to various beauty care products which nourishes hair, nails and the skin.

                    Skin care products made of hemp seeds like lotions, lip balm and soaps enriches cells and treats skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema. The good thing is, you can even combine hemp seeds with shea butter, honey and organic oils in making your homemade beauty products.
                      6. Hemp seed hearts decrease the likelihood of cancer.

                        There are two reasons why hemp seed hearts help in fighting cancer:

                        • It is rich in GLA and omega fatty acids
                        • It has tetrahydrocannabinoids or TCH

                        Hemp seeds are proven to blast off or reverse cancer cells from growing. As a matter of fact the British Journal of Cancer establishes that hemp seeds fight off cancer cells affecting the brain, breast and lungs.

                          7. Hemp seed hearts maintains cardiovascular health.

                            The key to good cardiovascular health would be taking in a lot of fiber, a good balance of protein and not eating sugary foods. Hemp seed hearts balance all of these. Thus, including two-tablespoons of hemp seed hearts to morning meals naturally reduces cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

                            How do I make use of hemp seed hearts?

                            Hemp seed heart products are diversified into oil, powders and raw seeds. You can use hemp seed heart products in making your own skin care and body products. But the most common way of using them would be in turning your food and drinks into health foods.

                            You can blend hemp seed heart powder to your smoothies and even in your fruit juices. You can also sprinkle raw hemp seeds and whish hemp seed oil to your salads and other meals. As for the raw or toasted hemp seed hearts, you can add them as added ingredients to your pastries.

                            See? There is a whole lot of ways of getting hemp seed hearts into your everyday meal.

                            What hemp seed heart products can I check?

                            If you need a head start regarding some hemp seed heart products you might want to consider, we are offering this section to you. We recommend that you check these Natera Hemp Seed Heart packs by VitActivate.


                            Natera Organic Hemp Seed Hearts


                            • Contains an abundant load of calcium, iron, zinc and vitamins A-K.
                            • A well balanced source of dietary fiber and protein.
                            • Contains a balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3.
                            • Helps improve cardiovascular health
                            • Relieves inflammation and pain from arthritis.
                            • Naturally sweet and nutty.
                            • 100% organic protein supplement.

                            Organic Toasted Hemp Seeds


                            • Contains both insoluble and soluble fiber.
                            • Boosts energy and immune system.
                            • Improves digestive health.
                            • Helps in promoting weight loss.
                            • Has low amount of sugar.
                            • 100% organic with no added preservatives.

                            Organic Hemp Protein Plus Fiber


                            • Lowers cholesterol.
                            • Regulates blood sugar.
                            • Contains a rich amount of dietary fiber.
                            • Protein-rich.
                            • Naturally lactose-free.
                            • Gluten-free.
                            • 100% organic with no artificial sweeteners.

                            Natera Organic Hemp Protein Powder


                            • Plant-based source of complete proteins.
                            • Supports weight loss.
                            • Supplies the recommended daily fiber dose.
                            • Improves bone density.
                            • Good for the heart.
                            • Regulates healthy digestion.
                            • 100% organic and accredited safe.

                            Natera Himalayan Salted Hemp Seed Hearts


                            • Flavorful and has natural nutty flavor.
                            • Excellent source of magnesium, iron and other essential minerals.
                            • A complete source of highly digestible proteins.
                            • Gluten-free.
                            • 100% made from natural ingredients.

                            Natera Maple Hemp Seed Hearts


                            • Enriched flavor from the combination of maple and hemp seeds.
                            • Rich in fiber, calcium, iron and zinc.
                            • A good source of complete protein for vegan and non-vegan diets.
                            • Gluten free and lactose free.
                            • 100% organic and plant-based.
                            • Proven safe.

                            There are also hemp seed nut butter which is as good as your peanut butter. Hemp seed milk is also available which you can use as substitute for milk. There are a lot of sample hemp seed heart recipes which you can try to replicate to make your own hemp seed heart meal.

                            Are there safety tips I need to know about hemp seed hearts?

                            As of the moment, there are no recorded adverse effects of hemp seed hearts so you can have your sigh of relief. If you get itchy all of a sudden after eating hemp seed hearts, you may have allergic reactions toward it and it may not be advisable for further use.

                            But of course, you still need to consult your physician if you have pre-existing heart diseases because hemp seed hearts may be coagulants. So if you are taking anti-coagulant medications it may inhibit blood platelets and may risk bleeding.  

                            Some end notes on Hemp Seed Hearts

                            There are a lot of things you can discover with hemp seed hearts. But the most celebrated of these would be its health benefits. For all the things it can do, these are the four important things you should not miss:

                            • It is a super healthy food.
                            • It is packed with the minerals and vitamins you need for your everyday routine.
                            • It can be used as major ingredient to food and beauty care needs.
                            • It is organic.

                            As for our product recommendations, you can further check them out for more detailed descriptions. There are of course other hemp seed heart products available but as far as experience and knowledge are concerned, they are the ones we could recommend.

                            Shut off your alter-ego saying “but it is cannabis” and start saying, “it is cannabis, but the good, good kind” because with all of what has been mentioned, you can never really go wrong with hemp seed hearts.

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