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Getting Rid of Cellulite with Massage, Is It Possible?

November 22, 2016

 A cellulite massage is similar to other types of massages except for one thing; its purpose. The purpose of cellulite reduction massage is to remove cellulite while the purpose of a therapeutic massage is to provide relaxation.

Massaging the body to reduce cellulite means that massage and pressure is applied to certain areas and skin of the body whereas a relaxation massage focuses on the whole body to maximize comfort in all areas. A cellulite reduction massage is harder and more intense and can leave minor bruises on the skin.

Most people are skeptical that a massage will reduce cellulite because you will not see an instant reduction in fat on the outside of the body. People should realize that the positive effects of a cellulite massage come from deep within. The effect starts with a stimulation of circulation, lymphatic drainage, and blood flow. As the massage gets more intense, the effect also increases. Over time, increased circulation and blood flow will make the cellulite harder to stay in some areas of the body. Eventually this will lead the cellulite to stay away from areas that have been massaged.

Obviously, it's not easy to remove cellulite in the first stages of the massage. Even after several massage sessions, only slight differences will be seen. This is why its very important to be active in physical activities in addition to getting these massages. Without regular physical activity, cellulite will stay in certain areas of the body.

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Reduce Cellulite with Massager Machine?

Can you really reduce cellulite with massage? The right kind of massage can be exactly what you need to get rid of cellulite for good.

The secret of cellulite. The secret of cellulite it is a condition in which the chambers holding fat cells just below the surface of the skin become enlarged. This in itself is not the problem. The dimpled appearance of cellulite appears when the connective tissue holding them in place weakens. The skin sinks around fat cells and the surface of the skin looks bumpy.

Why men don't get cellulite. Men almost never have cellulite because their skin cells are linked crosswise. Women's skin cells are linked to lower surface layers, because when women are pregnant, tissues all over the body loosen so that the cervix can dilate to deliver a child. Men don't get pregnant, so they don't get cellulite. Fortunately, there are some cures for cellulite that actually work.

A problem caused by sagging cells. What cellulite-affected skin needs is something to keep the tissues that hold fat cells in place from sagging. This isn't a detoxifierthe problem isn't toxins, it's sagging. The products that cure cellulite tighten up the tissues that hold fat cells in place underneath the skin.

Skin creams that actually work. The medical journal Obesity research published research that showed that a cream made with the traditional Ayurvedic herb coleus and an asthma drug called aminophylline tighten up skin on women's thighs by about an inch (25 mm).

Aminophylline, of course, is a potent prescription drug, so scientists then tried related natural chemicals. It turned out that caffeine worked as well as aminophylline, and the herb extract forskolin (which is made from coleus) worked as well as the herb coleus. Several over-the-counter products that you just rub on your skin contain caffeine and forskolin, including Ethosome and Estee Lauder Body Performance Anti-Cellulite Visible Contouring Serum and Osmotics Lipoduction. These products cost anywhere from US $10 to $100 a month, compared to $10,000 and up for surgery to remove fat cells on the thighs entirely (which, ironically can have the side effect of creating new cellulite). To make these treatments really work, however, you need ultrasound massage.

How to make skin creams work even better

The issue with any skin cream for cellulite is you rub the cream on top of your skin and the cells that need it are beneath your skin. Ultrasound massage is a great way to get the cream where it needs to go. Just apply the cream to cellulite-affected skin and massage in with your ultrasound unit.

Gentle vibrations of 1 to 2 million pulses per second "jostle" skin cells to open molecule-sized openings for thousandths of a second. These channels are large enough to let caffeine and forskolin in but large enough to keep bacteria and viruses out. Ultrasound massage takes skin care products right down where they need to go for fastest and longest lasting results.

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