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Far Infrared Heating Lamp vs. TDP Mineral Lamp: A Comparative Guide

February 14, 2018

Heating Lamps, Health and Wellness

Are you looking for the differences and benefits of far infrared lamp? Not sure what a TDP Lamp does compared with a far infrared lamp?

We are here to answer all your questions about these heating lamps.

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Far Infrared Light Therapy Lamp is more than Just a regular lamp  

Light coming from lamps actually have an inherent value in terms of vital functions of the body, specifically in terms of sleep. Lamps produce light that affects our circadian rhythm or the cycle of sleep and wakefulness dictated by our individual sleep patterns.

Lack of sleep or abundance thereof, may be an offshoot of the type of lamp light we have in our rooms. This is because lamp lights give off topical heat which stimulates the cells of the body which activates sleeping and wakefulness patterns.

infrared therapy lamp


TDP Lamp was invented by the Chinese Medicine Community and has become very Popular in Asia and North America

In Oriental medicine, the use of lamps for their heat has been used as a traditional therapeutic device for almost fifty years. In Tibet and the Himalayas, traditional healing using light involve the use of salt lamps. In all other parts of Asia such as China and India, healing lamps with the use of infrared like the simple infrared heating lamp and the far infrared lamp or now commonly called as the TDP lamp are the ones used for alternative healing and wellness.

Healing lamps, especially the infrared lamp and TDP lamp are rounding up the market. They are also staple devices in massage establishments, in derma clinics and in health and wellness hubs. But how are they the same? And most especially, how do they differ in terms of their health and wellness components?

Far Infrared Heating Lamp

As the name implies, the simple infrared heating lamp emits infrared radiation. Infrared radiation are known to be skin-penetrating waves and it can be seen to be functional in present-day medical devices such as the MRI, X-ray procedures and even in radiation therapies for terminal diseases such as cancer.

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In terms of everyday health and wellness, the simple infrared heating lamp is said to be very helpful as a pain reliever and in improving blood circulation in the body. The penetrative nature of infrared waves activates the body cells in-charge of blood circulation. A healthy blood circulation process hastens the body’s natural healing process manifested by the speed of how we feel relieved from pain. The great thing about the pain relieving function of the simple infrared heating lamp is that it can even fix internal body wounds such as ulcer which is actually an experience brought about by damaged or wounded digestive linings.

The mild, topical heat from emitted by the simple infrared heating lamp is also a good antioxidant. This means that its heat prevents skin from sagging as an effect of aging. Thus, it also lessens skin folding and the presence of skin wrinkles. Moreover, its infrared emission also helps us to prevent the existence of varicose veins, spider veins and even edema.

The advanced infrared heating lamp comes in all shapes and sizes when you check the market. Just make sure that the one you choose is safe like the FDA approved infrared heating lamp. You must also know that when buying simple infrared heating lamp, 250-watt bulbs that emit reddish light are the most recommended.

The Third Generation TDP Mineral Lamp CQ222

The simple infrared heating lamp and the TDP heating lamp both make use of infrared radiation to contribute to health and wellness. Both almost have the same range of health benefits. The stark difference of the two is that the TDP lamp is anchored on the idea that all life forms live with the energy flow called Chi or Qi. This concept is one of the major tenets of Chinese medical philosophy and is widely used in various oriental healing and therapy.

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The TDP heating lamp is unique because it is said to help in replenishing the life force Chi because of its relaxing power and in terms of how it improves mood after stressful activities or draining routines.  This is made possible by the TDP heating lamp because it has more penetrative power going as deep 2 to 3.5 inches in the body. Through this, when TDP heating lamp is used in massage devices or during wellness therapies in wellness hubs or even in the confines of your room, body cells are rejuvenated and repaired.  

Another distinct difference of the TDP heating lamp from the simple infrared heating lamp is it is enclosed in a mineral plate that gets hotter gradually when used. Its gradual heating makes the TDP heating lamp emit more potent infrared radiation because the mineral plate ionizes trace minerals that improves the effect of infrared when it penetrates the body. Given these, buying TDP heating lamps need knowledge of what it can do and how they work.

An example of a good TDP lamp is the CQ222 Third Generation TDP Lamp.

More Helpful information about Far Infrared and TDP heating lamps

Whatever you choose between the two, you are ensured to experience a range of health and wellness benefits. The heat therapy provided by these heating lamps can be used to treat chronic pain and injuries. It must be noted however, that using these heating lamps should be 24 hours after the injury is incurred.

Both the simple infrared and the TDP heating lamps can also be used in hair growth, for anti-aging regimens, and for acupuncture. It may also be used to lessen the prevalence of acne and as a home-remedy for people who frequently experience headaches and/or migraine.  

It is also important to know that when using either of these lamps, you must follow the prescribed distance at least 12 inches or more of the body from the lamp depending on your heat tolerance. It can be used every day but each session should be no longer than fifteen minutes. To avoid any mishap, never rub any lotion or oil in your body before using either of the heating lamps and always remember that these heating lamps do not function as tanning devices.

It is important for you to know these tips for you to get the best of these heating lamps and to stay safe while you use them.

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