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ELEOTIN®: Everything You Need To Know About This Herbal Supplement

February 04, 2019

ELEOTIN® is an all natural health food that works by restoring the body’s ability to control the glucose levels. It contains herbs that are beneficial for diabetes patients as it restores the normalcy of your body’s sugar levels permanently. With this being said, it’s no wonder doctors and patients are raving about this powerful herbal supplement.

Diabetes is listed as one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. and affects millions of Americans. This chronic disease continues to rise over the years. Many blame it on the unhealthy American diet. However, the good news is, there are treatments such as the Natural Choice ELEOTIN® herbal supplements which are proven to be beneficial among individuals who suffer from diabetes.

How Does it Work?

ELEOTIN® lowers the blood glucose level  by preventing carbohydrates from being transformed into glucose. This way, it minimizes the chance of your blood sugar shooting up. It also assists and improves the digestive system in restoring balance in the digestive enzymes.  


It helps slows down the decomposition of carbs into sugar which allows the body to maximize its effects. Compared to other herbal supplements utilized to treat diabetes, ELEOTIN® doesn’t produce any side effects.

Is it safe to consume? ELEOTIN® is a type of  herbal food made up of mild ingredients. It is manufactured free from toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides. Therefore, making it safe to take even in huge quantities.

The Benefits

ELEOTIN® is known for its many positive effects. Aside from its ability to control your blood sugar levels, it also offers numerous health benefits for nondiabetics. Hence, making it an excellent supplement for anyone who wants to improve their general health.

Here are some of the benefits of ELEOTIN®:

  • Improves overall health
  • Boosts energy
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Less frequent urination
  • Better skin
  • Improved vision

Uses of ELEOTIN®

  • Regenerates the insulin receptors of liver cells and muscle.
  • Restores the beta cells in the pancreas responsible for producing insulin.
  • Improves insulin production.
  • Controls blood glucose levels.
  • Promotes the normalcy of glucose metabolism.
  • Reduces your dependency on diabetes medications and insulin shots in controlling the blood sugar levels.

Precautions When Taking ELEOTIN®

Before taking any supplements or medications, we highly recommend consulting with your doctor first. Nonetheless, when taking ELEOTIN®, it is crucial that diabetic patients must continue taking their current medications and insulin injections. This allows your body to adjust and receive the full effects of ELEOTIN®.

As a reminder, be patient when taking this herbal food supplement as it may take some time before you enjoy its effects. Be consistent in your treatment and always monitor your HbA1c, C-peptide, and plasma insulin levels.

In some minor cases, patients who took ELEOTIN® may have found their blood sugars somewhat elevated. One reason is that they stopped taking their medications before they used this natural food supplement. Another reason is that some people may have experienced the homeopathic symptom.


This occurs when your body is adjusting to the herbal treatment. Therefore, it is not something you should worry about. All you need to do is to reduce your dosage by half. Once the signs of discomfort goes away, then you can go back to your doctor’s recommended dosage.

Meanwhile, other people who suffer from kidney or liver problems may also find their glucose levels rise. This is common among such patients who take herbal medications because their body releases glucose as it becomes stimulated by the herbal ingredients. However, this type of patients may still take ELEOTIN®.

All they need to do is start with a smaller dosage, say 1/8th of the recommended dosage. They can gradually increase their dosage once the condition of their kidney or liver improves. The Real Unique Formula Fatty Liver Protector is an excellent liver supplement that detoxifies your liver while nourishing it with the essential nutrients it needs to properly function.

Is It Safe To Take ELEOTIN® With Other Medicines? 
It is generally safe to take ELEOTIN® with other hypoglycemic medications to control your diabetes. As mentioned above, we suggest you discuss this first with your doctor before taking any other medications or supplements for your diabetes. Also, you need to closely monitor your blood sugar levels to know whether you can reduce your dosage or not.  

On the other hand, there is a possible risk of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar if you continue to take the same amount of medicines even after the benefits of ELEOTIN® has taken effect. Fortunately, ELEOTIN® produces gentle effects and will not mess up your current diabetes treatment.

ELEOTIN® is a natural way of improving your condition. Over time, you will find yourself relying less and less on your other medications and insulin treatments as your body starts receiving the full effects of ELEOTIN®.

Can ELEOTIN® Be Taken With Other Foods?

ELEOTIN® is produced from all-natural herbal ingredients that are mild and gentle. Therefore, it does not interfere with other foods. However, everyone has different reactions to food.

Hence, there is a possibility that some may have negative reactions with ELEOTIN®. Alcohol will significantly reduce the effectiveness of taking ELEOTIN®. So, it is recommended to refrain from drinking alcohol while you’re taking ELEOTIN®.

Alcohol, in general, has the tendency to diminish the effects of herbal treatments by washing out the positive properties found in it. The medicinal properties are depleted when a certain amount of alcohol enters your bloodstream.


In hindsight, everyone including diabetic patients is encouraged to understand how crucial it is to maintain a healthy diet. Diabetic patients should be aware of how food affects their diet particularly their blood glucose levels in order to help them manage their condition better. One of the healthiest ways is to load up on the Natera Hemp Seed Heart as it is rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

Hence, you should identify the list of foods that are good and bad for diabetes. Create a diabetes-friendly meal plan and make sure you follow the right proportions when preparing your meals. Make the Natural Choice ELEOTIN® Herbal Supplements part of your daily nutrition to improve your overall health.

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