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How your Dog Can Benefit from Using Paw Balm

May 02, 2018

A dry, cold, or hot environment can cause irritation to dogs specifically their paws. Harsh weather conditions including ice and snow can result in lesions and calluses on their sensitive paws. Their paws are also prone to injuries and irritation which is why it is necessary to protect them just like we protect our own feet.

Since a dog’s paw is very delicate, you should always monitor their paw pads on a daily basis most especially during days when the weather is scorching hot or freezing cold. The easiest way to examine their feet is while they are sleeping or resting.

Even dogs who have tough pads aren’t invisible to the effects of the sun’s heat, especially during the hot summer months. Walking exposes their delicate feet to various elements such as dirt, bacteria, and other types of objects that can cause paw problems. Stepping onto a hot pavement can burn their paw pads. If you’re a pet owner, you’ll eventually deal with some sort of paw problem.   

Understanding your Dog’s Paws

A puppy has paws that are soft and pinkish but as they grow and become adults, the skin toughens and roughens up. Hence, it also becomes less delicate. However, if your dog often stays inside the house and doesn’t get any outdoor action at all, their paws are probably more sensitive since it hasn’t had the chance to develop a thicker skin.

People generally are able to manage heat problems by sweating it out. However, in your dog’s case, they are only capable of certain ways when dealing with the heat. In the event that they feel overly hot, they tend to release it through panting. Plus, they also sweat in their paws but it is just barely noticeable.

To understand better, a dog basically has five paw pads. Each of the pad has a thick coating of fatty tissue which is found under the layer of the skin. Their pads absorb all the pressure which eases the muscles in their joints. However, their paws are the ones exposed to the impact of the external environment.

Dealing with your Dog’s Paw Issues

Your dog’s paw problems may easily escalate to more serious issues if ignored and left untreated. Make sure you regularly check their paws for signs of cuts, cracks or tears. It’s always better to treat it immediately. Otherwise, it can result in infection.

At the same time, preventing their paws from drying and cracking should be on top of your priorities. Most of the time, pet owners tend to overlook their dog’s feet. The best way to address this issue is to use a paw protection balm such as the PAWSITIVE FX Dog Balm. We’ll talk more about this later on.


It is also wise to note that some dogs are born with hyperkeratosis. This is a genetic disorder that involves the thickening of their skin. Hyperkeratosis affects a dog’s paw pads or nose.

Dogs usually acquire this condition whenever there is a production of too much keratin. Thus, resulting in the buildup of extra skin on the paw pads. The skin on their paw pads become hard, thick, dry, and rough.

No matter if your dog has hyperkeratosis or is just experiencing the effects of extreme weather conditions, make sure you keep their sensitive paws protected with a paw balm. This kind of product is very easy and convenient to apply. An additional layer of protection will keep their paw pads moisturized while preventing it from becoming irritated or injured.

Using Paw Balms

As mentioned, extreme weather conditions such as hot summer days and cold winter nights tend to aggravate your dog’s paws. As a result, it can lead to an excessively dry skin. Some pet owners tend to neglect their dog’s dry paws. However, ignorance and lack of proper care can progress into serious issues and complications later on.

The solution is to apply a paw balm. Be mindful that a paw balm is different from a paw wax. They may appear to have similar traits and characteristics but they are manufactured to have separate purposes.

Paw waxes are generally produced to protect your dog’s paws using waxy ingredients. On the other hand, even though some paw balms contain wax as an ingredient, they aren’t necessarily the best for your dog’s paws. Paw balms are intended to soothe and moisturize your dog’s paws especially when they have extremely dry skin or hyperkeratosis.

Some of the signs that your dog is dire need of paw balm include dry, rough, flaky, and chapped skin. Paw balms are used to protect your dog’s paws from extreme temperatures whether the condition is cold or hot. It also prevents their paws from the impact of ice, road salt, debris, sand, and other potentially toxic substances they may step on when you’re taking them for a stroll down the street.

Prevention is Key

The most practical way to protect your pet’s delicate paws from various external elements is to massage their paw pads with the PAWSITIVE FX Dog Paw Balm. The balm serves as an extra layer of shield to prevent particles getting in between your furry friend’s paws and to avoid it getting contact with toxic substances.

Do this regularly before your dog starts his routine. After walking him around the neighborhood, you should also perform a routine check-up so you can wipe away any debris that may be stuck in between their paws. A paw balm that is made with natural ingredients such as the PAWSITIVE FX Dog Paw Balm is an excellent choice for your dog.

Since dogs are known to have excessive chewing issues, they might possibly ingest whatever product you put on their paws. A natural-based product will provide no harm to your beloved pet. Aside from applying paw balm, you can also smoothen their paws with coconut oil, shea butter or aloe vera.

Benefits of Dog Paw Balm

A paw balm creates a barrier that mainly shields their skin from anything it comes into contact with. At the same time, it also acts as a protective coating that prevents any damage that can be derived from chemicals. It also serves as an insulation in case of extremely hot weather.

A paw balm keeps your dog’s paws smooth, moisturized, and comfortable. This type of product isn’t just necessarily effective on your dog’s paws. You can also use and apply it to their nose.

In case your dog steps on unwanted substances and ends up with cracked or torn up paws, a dog paw palm is a great first-aid solution and contains healing properties.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Paw Balm

The application of paw balm may not be the sole solution to all your dog’s paw problems. You are still required to take other forms of precautionary measures. Hence, pet owners are recommended to bring their dogs for a paw check-up on a regular basis. Substances such as salt and other forms of toxic materials can affect your dog’s paw pads.

There are ways to monitor if your dog’s paw balm is working to your dog’s advantage. The most efficient way to determine is to inspect their paws for signs of irritation. The presence of substances on their paws can make your dog feel uncomfortable.

Cracked paws can lead to an infection. Therefore, you should wash their paw pads with water and apply the PAWSITIVE FX Dog Paw Balm. Make sure you choose a safe and effective paw balm to take good care of your dog’s pretty paws. To ensure that their feet are properly and fully protected, you might want to add some cute dog socks, shoes or booties.

Why Natural Ingredients are Best for your Dog

Paw balms that are produced from natural ingredients are the ideal product for your dog. Natural ingredients prevent irritating their paws and are considered gentler on their skin. In order to determine which ones are safe and effective, make sure you read all the ingredients.

When It’s Time to See a Vet

Most of the paw problems you will encounter can be easily treated in the comfort of your own home. Nevertheless, there are also signs when you need to see your dog’s vet.

Here are some common symptoms:

  • Their paw pads have sores
  • A crust is forming at the base of their toenails
  • Presence of excessive bleeding
  • The calluses are too thick that their toes appear misaligned
  • Deep and bleeding cracks

Applying the PAWSITIVE FX Dog Paw Balm

The PAWSITIVE FX Dog Paw Balm is an excellent choice specifically because it is made with a variety of natural ingredients including hemp seed oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, apricot kernel oil, sunflower oil, shea nut butter, cocoa butter, rosemary extract, and vitamin E. These natural ingredients can do wonders for your dog’s paws while keeping it in top shape.

Regular grooming is important in taking care of your dog. To produce the best results, before you apply paw palm on their pads, take time to trim their hair away from the paw pads so you can easily apply the balm without interference.

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